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God Hates Fags Comes to Chicago

Filed By Yasmin Nair | December 09, 2008 3:30 PM | comments

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The Westboro Baptist Church, also known as the group God Hates Fags, came to Chicago this past week. They were a no-show on the 4th, when they were supposed to protest outside Obama's Senate office. However, the event attracted two separate groups of protesters with somewhat different views on religion, making for some interesting politics.

GHF did show up outside places like the Pakistani Consulate and Obama's transition office on Michigan Avenue (also the DNC HQ) on the 8th of December, and I was able to meet and talk to Fred Phelps Jr. and his four cohorts. Reports are forthcoming, but in the meantime, there are some photos to look at. And if you're interested in GHF's schedule, you can always go to: www.godhatesfags.com.

Photos after the jump, in two separate sets.

Pics from December 4, of counter-protesters:

Pics from December 8, of GHF and lone counter-protester, Jon Trott of Jesus People:

As always, feel free to post these around. I only ask that you cite my name as the photographer.

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Great Pix! Lookin' forward to the article.

Hey, that dragon in the first GHF picture, is that the one from the really old Dungeons & Dragons cover? Brings back nerdy memories.. Curse you Phred Felps!

I still like Keith Orr's approach to all things Phelps - "Every Minute Counts"


Fred seems to inspire generosity for our causes.

I can't wait to see your interview article with Phelps Jr., Yasmin.

:-) It was interesting to talk to him...

Weird! I didn't know they hated pakistan now!

I do have a soft spot for this group, just because they're so honest. I mean, they're taking on the Christmas tree! No war on christmas for these folks!

Oh, yes, they even have a website: http://www.godhatestheworld.com/

I have to admit, in all seriousness, that there's something to be said for their transparency. I've grown tired of lefty-liberal-progressives who yammer on about their conservative agendas while declaring themselves to be more-lefty-than-thou :-) With GHF, at least one always knows exactly where one stands.