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His man goes south for the winter

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Dear Father Tony,

You won't print this, I know, but maybe you can email me your opinion. I met a guy I like but there is a problem. He told me before we met that he was really into one thing. His face in my butt. (My on-line pics show I've got some classic bubble butt). I chatted with him because he is gorgeous (my opinion) and I began to fall for him. When we finally hooked up, he wasn't kidding. I didn't see much of his face and my mattress got the rest of him if you get my meaning. He says he's never had it so good and I really cannot complain because he is so good at it, but still. We have talked about this. I told him I want more and spelled out what I like to do. He shrugs and says that is the way he is. When we are not going at it, we have great conversation. He is very well educated and can recite English poetry for hours. I love the sound of his voice (English accent) and I feel guilty about complaining but I want what I want just like he wants what he wants. I know you are going to say that we should never go into a relationship thinking we can change someone, and I guess I did but isn't it OK to ask him to think about me sometimes? Sheesh. Is that too much to ask? I think I should stop seeing him and I think you will say that but sometimes I think maybe there is a way to work this out so we both get what we want. That's it. Is there a way to make it work?

-- Worried

Dear Worried,

What is it about the British and their attraction to the more redolent regions? I had your letter in mind earlier this week while in post-workoutular relaxation in the steam-room at the gym. With eyes closed, my thoughts were turned to real estate matters, travel plans and an odd recipe sent to me by a friend involving much butter and something called Jiffy Corn. I was startled by the touch of someone's hand on the back of my right calf. I looked through the mist, down to the lower bench, at a man who looked up at me serenely while proceeding to stroke that same calf, its ankle and eventually its foot. I think he had somehow interpreted my shut-eyed pacificity as license to approach these extremities of mine. The skillful foot massage that ensued was not unpleasant, so I re-shut my eyes and ignored the process until I was again startled by the unmistakable sensation of a mouth having swallowed a few of the attendant toes. I looked down at him and watched as he opened his mouth (like a snake unhinging its jaw) wide enough to intake a good portion of my entire foot while flickering his tongue along the sole.

As fetishes go, my encounter was rather pedestrian. What I could not escape, however, was an aversion to the fact that I had just walked barefoot over the floor of the locker room, stood at a urinal below which is a crescent of tile glazed yellow with the careless aim of membership, and walked through a shower room mossy with the build-up of soap, fallen hair, sloughed-off skin and evilly microscopic wet kingdoms of contagious intent. He took my foot out of his mouth only to sneeze, releasing into the mist a microbial aspiration that made me run for the door while holding my breath.

Even this old warhorse-of-many-gutters says "Yuck".

You, however, do not seem to have an aversion to your fellow's predilection. And yet, with his blinders firmly cemented, you really cannot expect him to suddenly see the light at the end of the tunnel despite your shining of it. I would say that before you marry him, you ought to remind him that if all anyone has ever had is chocolate, he'll never know whether or not he likes vanilla. Have you made it clear to him what it is that you would like to do with him? That would be step one. The next step will involve some artistry on your part. Have you ever paper-trained a puppy? You have to keep moving the newspaper closer to the backdoor until finally Spot realizes that relief occurs outside it. In this case, you've got to keep moving the paper away from your back door by letting him have his way with you only after he has spent some time doing what you like. He gets no treats until he performs. (How old is he? You know what they say about old dogs not learning new tricks.)

Over the years, I've pushed myself into trying things that other men find delightful. Once, in a bathhouse in DC, I licked a man's boot at his request for exactly one second while he unleashed a torrent of verbal degradation. I promptly stood up, adjusted my towel and said over my shoulder "Thanks. I'll add that to the list of things I'm not into." On the other hand, I have learned so skillfully to twist a man's nipples that, if he is wearing metal eyeglasses, my fine-tuning will actually result in clear shortwave reception of the BBC.
Finally, you may want to see the time spent while he is "out of sight" as an opportunity to get stuff done. While you are sitting on his face, consider doing your taxes, watching reruns of Golden Girls, or knitting. Or, let your idle mind be the devil's workshop and attack whatever parts of him are within your reach.

Seriously, I don't think we ever really conquer that which we fetishize. The only way to do that would be to change the earliest developmental influences that molded us into the adults we are. If today a man craves your bubble butt, chances are he will always watch it lustfully as you walk it across the room. The test of love is that it won't much notice when that bubble begins to deflate over the years. (That is why, incidentally, fetishizing big balls is a much better marital investment: gravity only exaggerates them as a man ages.)

Have I answered your question? I do so get lost in these things. Oh yes, the matter of your fondness for his poetry recitation. I assume he doesn't recite while spelunking although your intimate acoustics might be suitable for Milton's cadences in Paradise Lost. Build on this mutually satisfying pastime. Make him whisper those verses into your ear while you bring yourself (and him, if possible) to climax. See what I mean by being creative? The idea is to surprise him with something unexpectedly pleasant by working off what you already share.

And, if he is not responsive to any of your suggestions or ploys, ditch him.
PS: Thank you very much for sending me your pics. If you're ever in my neighborhood, I'd be willing to take a closer look at your dilemma.

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Haha, great.

But it's more than just having a fetish, this english guy seems unwilling to indulge the writer's preferences. That's just selfish. So I suggest the English guy find someone who's into selfishness or is at least OK with being forgotten, preferably an only child. They don't mind not getting that much attention.

There, that's my bad advice. Although the foot thing, yeah, that's pretty icky.

"(How old is he? You know what they say about old dogs not learning new tricks.)"

Pshaw! say I. I am, to put it discretely, a late middle-aged dog and I'm not only learning new tricks, I'm practicing them on the tricks themselves.

I think our writer's problem is well summarized in his own words: "but isn't it OK to ask him to think about me sometimes? Sheesh. Is that too much to ask?" NO, it certainly isn't unless you have way too little self-esteem and don't know how to assert yourself. Sex is a two way street unless you're into Dom-Sub culture (which our writer doesn't overtly say he is) and even then, the Doms usually consult with subs on limits and code words for when it's time to go no further.

This guy needs to grow a pair. Ideally in mansex, guys take care of each other. Sex is a collaboration involving the passing of control back and forth. I adore rimming and getting rimmed but I want much more than JUST that, much more than any single sexual activity. Our boy needs to say what he wants, NOT plead, and GET what he wants--otherwise no matter how sexy the voice is, no matter how great the tongue action is from reading poetry to slurping the rosebud, your advice to just ditch the English guy is spot on. I believe there ARE other men out there!

Dear Worried ---

One thing you and your English friend might try is simply a new position. He doesn't always have to rim you from behind. Just as cocksucking has a 69-position, so does ass-rimming --- presuming that your vertebrae haven't all fused together yet, and presuming that the two of you are roughly the same height.

You don't say what activity (or activities) you are wanting out of sex, but if sucking cock and/or licking balls is something you like to do, at least this position will give you access to his front equipment while he gets access to your behind.

By the way, if you still can't figure this out, I do give lessons.

*cracks knuckles

Dear worried--

Father Tony is right, you don't hate it, and yet it is perfectly understandable to want more than what his fetishorial (new word: Mine) intentions allow. By all means give the boy what he needs, but position yourself (figuratively too) so that you also get what YOU need.

If he's as well a talker, and listener, as he is a muncher, and you really would like him in your life, there is nothing wrong with a loose relationship, while you go off to find someone more accommodating to your other parts. The last piece of advice however, is somewhat of a difficulty, requires strong communication and a separation of what is sex and what is love. From my experience, that isn't the easiest divide to conquer.

jerry McGuire | December 19, 2008 2:30 PM

My partner & I have been together 31 years, I tried everything possible to change him. I gave up & just accepted him as he was. By the way he was 21 & I was 29. Our love for each other kept us together. So if he doesn't change soon & you don't feel you can accept him as your life partner end it now. IT WILL HURT MORE LATER.