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The Best of the Honorable Barney Frank

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On Saturday, Dec 6, 2008, Barney Frank spoke at a Victory Fund luncheon at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. The Bilerico team in attendance at the National LGBT Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative was also in the room.

Barney spoke about what we should demand of those who say they love us, and, about the passage of an inclusive Hate Crimes Bill, but the funny money-quote is at the end of this two-minute clip.

Watch it after the jump.

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I have seen a lot of Barney in this economical crisis. I wish he had supported trans people in the same voice as he uses in the financial issues. I have to say, when it comes to his chairmanship, I have to say I'm proud of how tough he is.

I hope Frank means inclusive the way I take the word inclusive to mean. Where Barney Frank's concerned, I always wait for the next shoe to drop, knock on wood, and don't even believe it when I see it. Can't trust the man.

We're still trying to get the full video up. First it was larger than Jerame had room on his computer. Once we got it off the camcorder, we noticed its too long for YouTube and the file size was too big for Vizeo. We should have it ready tomorrow.

I can't understand a word. Help.
. . . you can still call me a fag. I just wouldn't advice it if you're in the ______ business.

Dear Stan, Is it the Boston accent?

"...If this bill becomes law tomorrow, it will still be perfectly legal to call me a fag. I just wouldn't advice it if you're in the banking business.

There’s nothing honorable at all about Barney Frank. His betrayal of the LGBT communities on the issue of ENDA is the alpha and omega of his political record.

He supports bailouts for the retarded rich who created the recession cum depression instead of spending trillions to bail out working people, catching up on infrastructure repairs and creating a socialized medical system. No honor there. None at all.

At last! We had to wait a full fourteen hours since this post went up for someone to give voice to an opinion held by many. And we are now off to the races. Let's all remember to stay polite and on subject, as has Mr. Perdue.

Ok, so bashing Barney is the objective here then?

Here's my take on Barney, ENDA but not so much the banking fiasco.

IMHO Barney "gets" classic transsexuality as well as any gay man can. He has been consistent for at least the past decade about what he sees as necessary for him to get behind it.....the shower issue. Anyone surprised at the ENDA thing last year just wasn't paying attention. Barney was instrumental in getting the Congressional hearing this year on transsexuals and although he was flamed for it, he again was totally consistant. Like it or not, if you lobby the House and talk to Representives they will ask you "What's Frank's position on this" BECAUSE we got linked to gay and didn't step away from that.

Barney Frank has been telling the trans-activists for more than 12 years.....deal with this penis in women's showers issue. For that, rather than dealing with it, he has been demonized and mocked and I am ashamed to say in the past I was one of them doing so. I thought this was a red herring but during the blogging here and on Pam's transgender after transgender stated they WOULD invade such places with penises. He was proved correct.

There has always been widespread support (a majority every time it's polled) for post operative transsexuals basic civil rights in the US, even before Stonewall three states recognized our gender/sex officially. Much greater numbers in fact than for gays and lesbians. That was thrown away with the insistence of the transgender crowd on "education" contrary to the common sense position to the average citizen that women don't have penises or want them. Had transsexual, medically justified civil rights remained the agenda.......everyone, transgendered and of transsexual history would now be covered. Had it been separated 15 years ago from the GL agendas when HRC first screwed us over by buying and paying for Rikki Wilkins and GenderPac, we would have already achieved our goals.

I don't blame Frank, I blame the TG activists who put legislated "acceptance" and destruction of gender ahead of basic civil liberties.

Thank you Cathryn. I don't think there is a gay person out there not in favor of equal rights for everyone, but there are certain political realities that we need to face.

Sometimes ground in gained by taking baby steps, and sometimes by great leaps. We need to get realistic about this.

People are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea that everyone should have equal rights, but let's face it, a lot of people still have "icky" feelings about transgendered people, especially those who are pre-operative, and Frank is right, until the penis is the women's shower is dealt with, this isn't going anywhere.

So we gay people let the world of public opinion pass us by, or take what we can get and work with legislators on trans issues separately.

Did anyone get video of his comments on enda?