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Beautiful downtown Denver

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Well, here we are in beautiful downtown Denver at the NGLTF Creating Change conference. I've been looking forward to this for months; I loved attending last year!

The problem? I'm sick as a dog. I caught a head cold the day before it was time to fly out. I still went to my diversity panel on LGBT issues for Indy Star reporters and editors yesterday and our flight went smoothly - even though I went through a box of tissues on the 3 hour flight!

The good news? Indianapolis got about a foot of snow yesterday. It had just started coming down heavy when we left, but our plane wasn't delayed. Our friend is dog-sitting for us and called this morning to say she lost poor Fritz in the snow. (The little guy is a rat terrier.) She had to look for the yellow spot to find him!

We met up with Waymon last night and the three of us met Projector Jesster for dinner. Seeing Jess reminded me just how much I love her. While I'm still sick, we made plans to hang out for a bit tonight. I'm really hoping I feel up for it.

I'm sticking close to the hotel room sleeping with Prince Nyquil. Waymon and Jerame are already out peeking into the day-long sessions on LGBT and race issues. They'll report in after they get back. We'll all have to find out what's going on together since I'm stuck in bed!

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Indianapolis not only got snow, all of southern Indiana is covered in ICE and many of us will be out of electricity for days (thank the Goddess for the battery in my laptop) --- worst ice storm probably in the last 25 years.

Even as cold as it is there, be glad you are in Denver. Sure wish I was.

I suppose if I'm mentioned in a post, I should stop in and comment. :)

It was great seeing you two again and meeting Waymon. I'm glad you're enjoying Denver and the conference and can't wait to meet up with everyone again tomorrow night at the Bilerico get-together.

I've loved Denver ever since I spent a month there in July 1988 for a training class and I was amazed at how much it had grown since I was last there.

I noted the hotel isn't too far from 14th Street either.

OK enough fun, back to shoveling snow off the driveway