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Best Creating Change Swag EVER: The Amazing Transgender Equality Pen!

Filed By Waymon Hudson | January 30, 2009 12:00 PM | comments

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So the best swaggy giveaway at the Creating Change Conference is by far the National Center for Transgender Equality's "Amazing Transgender Equality Pen." (click the photo to enlarge).


For those that can't make out the writing in the picture, here's a transcript...

Act Now for Transgender Equality with this Amazing pen!

With it's many incredible features you can:

- Draft a letter to your member of Congress telling them why it is vital to include gender identity in upcoming legislation!
- Sign petitions for an inclusive ENDA and hate crimes bill!
- Make a list of people to call to get involved in the movement for transgender civil rights!
- Mark your calendar to attend NCTE's 2009 Lobby Day
- Write a check supporting a transgender organization!
- Check off things you've done for transgender equality!

As seen by TG

I have it from a good source that there will be an infomercial for the pen coming soon (we even got it acted for us in the hotel lobby). Stay tuned!

And here's the back of the Pen!


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Don'tcha just hate it when you don't think of these things first?

It's very smart.

You can tell Mara comes from a marketing background. I detect her sense of humor in this.

Somebody at CC needs to grab a handful of those pens so Bil can give 'em out as prizes! :)

"Somebody at CC needs to grab a handful of those pens so Bil can give 'em out as prizes! :)"

Sign me up!

Thanks for putting up the pic of it, Waymon. Agreed ... GREAT SWAG!!!

that really is the best swag I've ever seen . . . Does this mean I can't participate in transactivism without one?!? ;P

For a community so dedicated to expressing true identity, it is refreshing to see true Transgender identity form. Good move NCTE / Mara.