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"He Likes Guys," and So Do I

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Short films, which were commonplace near the beginning of cinema history, he likes guys.jpghave been enjoying a sort of renaissance over the last couple of decades because attention spans continue to decrease and the digital revolution has made it easier for any wacko with a little ambition to make a movie. That's why shorts programs at gay film festivals tend to sell out and why gay distribution companies like Wolfe Releasing can keep putting out DVDs like the newly available He Likes Guys, a compilation of eight short gay-themed movies.

It may seem like I'm shilling for the DVD because, well, I star in one of the shorts (Laundromat), but just know that I will never see a dime from the film; in fact, I think one of the actors still owes me five bucks for lunch. But I wanted to point out something about the collection that caught my eye.

Now I have yet to see all the shorts on the DVD, but I have to give Wolfe mad props for including two Asian-American movies. (Two safely takes it out of the realm of tokenism.) What's more, Laundromat and Just don't at all deal with the politics of race and race relations. Rather, they're slightly revolutionary in that the characters are Asian American as a matter of fact. In the Asian-American arts community, this is a big deal.

Anyway, He Likes Guys can be bought directly from Wolfe Video or Amazon, and I do believe it's also available through Netflix and Blockbuster Online.

Here's the trailer for Laundromat:


Now I have to see about getting my lunch money back.

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I love short films! They're made for my attention span.

After I saw your post, I managed to find a copy at a local Blockbuster for rent (exactly one among dozens have it available for rent)... Overall, the DVD was o.k. -- not exactly spectacular, not quite horrible either.

However, the one that you're in, Laundromat, is the best one, the exception to those short film mediocrity. Congrats on your excellent performance. :-)

Lukas, wow, you found it! Thanks so much for the compliment. Glad you enjoyed it.