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Here Comes the Sun...

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The sun is in the perfect spot on the horizon and the light is pouring into my office. Sure beats a SAD light box, not quite as good as Hawaii. It almost seems to radiate enough heat to go sit outside in but I know better.

sun-clipart.jpgOur president-elect has been making the rounds in the last couple weeks. Most recently, splashing the airways with his Surgeon General nominee. While the media seems thrilled with opining over the choice, I can help but wonder about the real tasks of the administration ahead.

We love a sunny outlook in this country. Perhaps because we were weaned on Bambi losing mom, but when anyone even begins to tell a happy tale, we are quick to believe.

I love the sun. I don't particularly like reading about the bombing in Gaza, children found huddled with their dead mothers. Or the reality that one out of every seven homeowners will be foreclosed on this coming year. Or how billions upon billions of dollars are needed to move our public school systems forward in order to remain competitive with the rest of the world.

I know I have to. I am in the sun. So many are not.

I hope Obama stays clear of the media drama. That he stay focused on the war, the economy and education and not the pictures of his "abs" from the beach or his choice of an appointment to a relatively minor post.

The LGBT community has been disrespected- see Rick Warren's part in the inauguration events next to our, um, marching band- and passed over in this administration already. I'm not surprised. He said "gay" a lot in his campaign speeches which was great but the actual embrace, a real seat at the table, is still a far away dream.

To be honest, if he gets the war, Gaza and the economy right? I'm happy to let him slide until he builds the credibility to go ahead and make a few things happen- like the end of obama-sun-questions.jpgDOMA, DADT and a fully inclusive ENDA. If you've fixed those things, some civil rights should be a piece of cake.

Let's not forget, rights are free to give. They don't increase the budget. Leaves the country with good feeling, no raised tax ceiling.

This is Obama's moment in the sun. He may never again reach such high levels of popularity. Please, for the country's sake, may he not be blinded by it. I don't mind a somewhat goofy choice for Surgeon General and as long as the General in Regional Command is dedicated to leaving Iraq.

I hope he uses the power of words carefully, especially when talking about the economy. A single Hank Paulson speech can tank the markets for weeks. What we need is economic stability, not the current panic driven roller coaster.

Mostly? Let's all stay focused on the real issues of the day and not be suckered by some of the ratings-driven, sexed up nonsense the mainstream media throws at us.

Because just like now, as the sun is slipping down behind the house next door, the sun will go away. I hope we have the real change we need when it does.

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Thanks for this, Sara. Well said. Here's to Hawaii!

Our day in the sun is at an end, and it is going to take a lot more than optimism and happy thoughts to get things to where we can see the light of day again. For the past half century or so we have built our national policy on gossamer and pipe dreams, allowed the cupidity of a priveledged few to guide our financial welfare.

Welcome to the consequences of shortsighted political policies that were enacted so that the elite could play, while the rest of us paid.

I really liked this post. You encapsulate so much of what I'm hoping for as well. Thanks for that, Sara.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | January 10, 2009 3:02 AM

Bravo! I would point out that "marriage equivalency" done correctly would cost the federal government money. If marriage were replaced by "marriage or it's equivalent domestic partner" in law there would be extra costs ranging from social security spousal benefits, to health care and beyond into the private sector. I often think that is the greatest reason they drag their feet on this issue. The cost.

It is another form of taxation without full benefits.