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Jindal's Latest Attack on Louisiana's Families

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is often cited as a rising star in Republican politics. One of the party's most visible state executives, he has worked hard to endear himself to the GOP faithful, and has been widely mentioned as a possible White House candidate in 2012. And, true to form for some of those who seek to carry the Republican mantle on a national ticket, he is already beginning to pander to the most extreme factions of his party and his state.

In December, Jindal announced the formation of the Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family, billed as "an entity within the executive department that serves to propose programs, policies, incentives and curriculum regarding marriage and family by collecting and analyzing data on the social and personal effects of marriage and child-bearing within the state of Louisiana."

In other words, Jindal's Commission is going to be looking at - and making recommendations regarding - marriage and family issues within the state. And a quick look at some of those appointed by the Governor to serve on the panel leaves no doubt that, in the end, the line-up will do nothing more than promote an extreme, anti-gay agenda that sets back, blocks and battles any attempts to recognize or respect Louisiana's same-sex families.

Among those who have been appointed by Jindal to serve on the Commission are Tony Perkins (who hails from Baton Rouge), the president of the anti-gay advocacy group known as The Family Research Council . . . Gene Mills, executive director of the far-right Louisiana Family Forum . . . Mike Johnson, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund . . . and numerous members of the clergy. All, Jindal has said, "have significant academic and/or professional expertise" on issues of marriage and family.

And each has a long history of spouting anti-gay rhetoric, too.

Perkins and Mills, especially, are vociferous anti-gay advocates, and have been the driving forces behind attempts to ban legal protections for same-sex couples. And on his website, Mills promotes publications with titles such as Morally Straight, Protect Your Children, and Three Myths About Homosexuality. All are inflammatory, inaccurate and outrageously biased papers that demean and degrade lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. (The Family Research Council's list of similarly harmful publications is too long to list in a single blog entry.)

Every family in Louisiana should be alarmed by Jindal's "Commission."

Following the passage of Proposition 8 in California, and a successful bid to strip same-sex couples of adoption rights in Arkansas, there is little question that Perkins and Mills, especially, will push for similarly anti-gay measures in Louisiana. By giving the movement to deny lesbian and gay couples adoption rights a facade of credibility via a gubernatorial panel, the two will no doubt use the resulting recommendations to spread inaccurate, unproven and harmful rhetoric about the issue . . . and then push their anti-gay agenda in the legislature, and at the ballot box.

Governor Jindal is setting Louisiana up to be one of the next battlegrounds in the fight for family equality.

Following his decision to roll-back an LGBT-inclusive anti-discrimination order implemented by his predecessor, the Governor is now taking another, unmistakable step to the right in an attempt to shore up a base he believes he may need down the road.

The truth is that Perkins and Mills are no experts on our families. Their appointment to the Louisiana Commission is a thinly veiled attempt to tip the panel to the far right and begin the process of eroding civil liberties in the Bayou State.

On November 5th, many LGBT families rightly feared that he vote tallies on election day would lead to further attacks on our rights. Jindal has wasted no time in proving that prophecy to be true. By shoring up extremists' support for a potential White House bid, he has put the safety, and rights, of Louisiana families in jeopardy.

Tell Governor Jindal to put families first and remove anti-gay bigots from his Commission. Call the Governor's Mansion at (225) 342-0991.

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Readers might also be interested to note the recent horrific murder of a two-year-old boy by a presumably non-LGBT dad, because the dad didn't want to pay child support. (If he were LGBT, I'm assuming the media would be all over it.) Proves there's no necessary connection between orientation and parenting ability. More at Mombian.

Eileen Vivoda | January 6, 2009 12:07 PM

With people like Jindal in power, we will NEVER get this country together. These extreme views of disenfranchising people has got to stop. And this discrimination always seems to be done by the ones that tout they not realize Jesus loved everyone and forgave everyone.

I think it may be time to divide this country into regions. I live in the Northeast where we have the lowest rates of divorce and teen pregnancy and we are on track to allow gay marriage everywhere.

America may be too bit to govern as one whole. I am sick of Southerners and their bigoted backward ways.

we aren't all that way.

i'm from louisiana, and doing my best to stand up for equality- to challenge people to think. it's not easy, and i have to be cautious- when it comes to reasoning, you have to meet people where they are in their ability to reason (not always easy here).

point being, please don't throw us out with the bath water.

we are here, and trying to make a difference.

i'm straight btw, and i haved face conviction from people here just for supporting LGBT issues. iti will continue to fight the good fight.


I am from Louisiana and now live in the Northeast. I'm on my 10th year in New England and have seen just as much racism and hatred as I did in the deep south. Societal issues aren't that easy to solve. As it is with gay rights, or any civil rights, you can't just get rid of an issue by telling it to go away.

Ceclia Richards | January 7, 2009 11:18 AM

Well, I'm glad to see that you are not bigoted towards anyone - like perhaps Southerners.
No region of the country is a homogenous mix of all-good or all-bad. I live in Louisiana. I work, have a graduate degree, did not marry my cousin, and do not hate people for their race or sexual orientation (or where they live in the country).
I don't support Gov. Jindal's policies and wish Louisana as a whole were less conservative, but don't paint everyone with the same brush.
Let's not forget, the very liberal California just passed Prop 8.

joshquasimoto | January 6, 2009 12:15 PM

I guess that means Bobby is going to be spending some money and resources in LA's public and private institutions where many families begin. I am not saying this to put down teenagers or young adults who are still in school and happen to get pregnant at such a young age, but if the GOP wants to live up to its christian roots, its fiscaly conservative roots then I would imagine it would necessary to educate and provide support and assistance for young adults when they become parents. But as I say this I also realize that this is probably asking too much of Jindal or any of these other people who represent fascist intent on indoctrinating people to there version of what life should be. Come its America can't we be both supportive of couple regardless of sexuality and also be supportive of young parents and improve our communties from the inside. I hope I am wrong about these people but Gov Jindal who seems like a mostly rational person has said some things that give me pause and after reading his paper form college where he participated in a exorcism makes me concerned about his relationship with faith and its affect on his governance for LA

Linda Pittman | January 6, 2009 12:22 PM

I will express my sentiments by using a quote from Patricia O'Neill that was published in the "Morning Advocate" newspaper. "I mourn for the small-mindedness of those who sit in judgment from their towers of moral superiority."

An aquaintance of mine who is from Louisiana and recently moved back there has told me about life in that state for LGBT people, and it is worse than even here in Texas. Generally there are two kinds of queers in Louisiana, those in the closet, and those who wish they had never left it in the first place. Unless they move some place else soon after, coming out is an invitation to harrasment, discrimination, ostracism and the occasional beat down. Like in Texas there are places that it is not too bad, but those are by far the exception, rather than the rule.

All Jindal is doing is giving the Louisiana public what they want, an excuse to continue on the way they have been for the past several years. Hey, if it weren't for the Feds they probably would still have separate facilities for the "colored" folk too.

Katrina took out the wrong part of that state.

Surely there's more important issues in LA than whether "the gay" is out attacking people's marriages???

For example, New Orleans still looks like a hurricane hit last week.....

bill spleen | January 6, 2009 1:25 PM

I'm tired of those on the left who alway's feel they are the victims. The fact is that the only bigets are from the left. Your own party keeps you seperated down the middle so they have control over you to get your vote. Your being used and your to dumb to know it because you have been brain washed. We need to be building family values and the lack there of is killing this country. California had killed your rights because the minorities had come out in full force to vote for Obama. Guess what it was those minorities who killed your rights. Those minorities come from your left leaning party. If Obama was not running the minorities would not have shown up and your rights would have been upheld. The left is a lot less tolerant than you think. Minorities are not tolerant and are against gay marriage. Again look at your own party.


Bill, Back under your bridge, dear.

Bill Spleen, get back under your bridge, dear.

As much as Democrats want to believe they've always stood for tolerance and all that rot, a short look through history suggests otherwise. Check out Jim Crow laws and see who was the party who brought those into being. And, until the 1960's-1970's, the Democrats had control of the South. Sometimes, things need shaking up, and the Republicans are about to get a very rude awakening when it comes to the viability of their party.

You might to learn how to spell bigots, my friend. Not to mention, I think your understanding of the 'left' and 'minorities' is far from accurate. please continue your research and possibly exposing yourself to more minorities before you make statements like this.

Exactly, and Jindal would be drinking from the "colored" section. Amazing how people of color discriminate against other groups, even after being discriminated against by members of the GOP. It's almost like the Stockholm Syndrome with some of these people. Thanks for keeping us informed.

timberwraith | January 6, 2009 2:41 PM

Well, according to the exit polls, if only white people had voted, we would have had McCain as president. We have people of color to thank for not having to suffer through four to eight more years of a Republican administration.

Seems like there's plenty of prejudice to be had in all corners—including white voters. No one can claim the moral high ground in this election. People brought all kinds of prejudice into the voting booth, regardless of their demographic membership.

jim shattucj | January 6, 2009 2:46 PM

Still laughing at Mr. Spleen and his highly insightful and gramatically accurate post.

If only folks would stay in school, and/or travel beyond their own fence line.


It always amazes me the inaccuracies and crap that come from right wingers like Bill spleen. "we need to be building family values and the lack there of is killing this country." Excuse me but who is killing family values...certainly not gays. They can't marry except in Mass. and yet for years the divorce rate in this country has been at 50 %. Matter of fact the divorce rate and out of wedlock teen pregnancies rates are the highest in those states that tout "traditional values." Maybe Mr. Spleen and Mr. Jindal ought to be looking at cleaning up their own heterosexual bacxkyard rather than blaming gays for their marriage troubles.! As far as California Prop 8 goes results that church goers (people who do not think for themselves), oveer 90 % of GOP voters, and those over 65 is what put that prop over the top.

This "commission" seems a rather dubious use of Louisiana tax dollars.....sounds like true "pork" to me. Aren't Republicans against pork-barrel spending???

Looking at the silver lining of this story, it appears that Jindal is lending a helpful financial hand to folks who have found themselves out of a job.

It's no secret that some right-wing "family" groups are out of cash these days, their politics of lies and division being less in style these days. It's a shame they've found a rescuer in Jindal.

Thanks for posting this. The joke (as if anything about this crap were funny) is that the GOP is pushing Jindal to show how "progressive" they are -- look, his skin tone is kinda dark; listen, his name sounds kinda "foreign" like "Obama."

The Constant Weader at

"Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family"? That sounds like something out of a sci fi novel....

Human citizen #57930298 does not have permission to reproduce. Sterilize immediately.

Here's what people like Jindal and his henchmen and henchwomen (sadly, they are worse) cause-- DEAD KIDS:

SHAME on the hijacked-by-Christian-hate Republican Party !!