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Livefeed of the Obama inauguration

Filed By Bil Browning | January 20, 2009 11:15 AM | comments

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If you can't be near your TV today, hopefully you can be near your computer. We're proud to bring you the inauguration ceremony live. The inauguration of Barack Obama is a truly historical event.

Consider the comments section an open thread. If you are attending today's event, send us your pictures and we'll add them after the jump.

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Okay - I have to admit... I had no idea they were using FOX as the hulu feed. LOL The irony is delicious.

Big thanks to the folks at MSNBC for noticing we were using FOX's feed and sending us over their live feed. We'll choose Rachel Maddow any time! *grins*

New day, new website...

Combat Employment Discrimination: President Obama and Vice President Biden will work to overturn the Supreme Court's recent ruling that curtails racial minorities' and women's ability to challenge pay discrimination. They will also pass the Fair Pay Act, to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work, and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
-Civil Rights section

Woooo Hooooo!
There's a new sheriff in town, lil' buckaroos

Rick Warren should have been shot for trying to steal the inauguration! How f**king many times did he say god? At least a dozen, it seems.

I was having breakfast at a cafe when he came on, so I couldn't turn him off. I almost lost my breakfast tacos, listening to that simpering demagogue perjure himself before the nation by talking about wanting freedom for all and the rest of the bull$hit he uttered.

Sorry Rick, no, I am Not going to be going before your god, ever.

Tell a televangelist he can say a few words, and he turns it into a frigging sermon!!!

Just a little surprised he didn't start passing the plate around.

Rick, f**k you, and the god you rode into town on.

Your comments are beyond the pale of any acceptable civilized human conduct. To wish harm on any participant of an event dedicated to the peaceful transfer of power speaks volumes about your character.

Diddlygrl, as much as I love you, I must say: It has been recently asserted here on Bilerico (I don't remember if you personally weighed in on that thread) that there is no such thing as a "fundamentalist atheist". Unfortunately, your reaction above seems very "fundamentalist" to me!

It's a sometimes unpleasant existential fact that we must share the planet we people who disagree with us. The theists get to tolerate you, you get to tolerate the theists.

I don't like living in a state that prints "In God We Trust" on the license plates ... Maybe someday I'll see you in Amsterdam!

Well, to begin with, I am not an atheist. I am a witch and the Goddess and God that I hold dear have nothing to do with the sadistic, vengeful creature that these christians worship.

Rick Warrens invocation did not leave room for even the other monotheistc gods. There was no room for the Jews and the Muslims and their gods. It was all His god, and no one elses, his god that we all will face.

Pretty typical chauvinistic christian thinking. At least during other invocations I have seen, room was left for the gods of the other faiths. Not this time.

His invocation left no room for me, or the other thousands of us who believe and follow the old gods.

Inclusivenes is all well and good, maybe when I see some on the part of the religiofacists I will give a shout out of joy.

I still say, f**k him and the tinhorn god he rode into town on.

As much as I champion racial equality, I must admit that I got weary of hearing one African-American after another saying "I never thought I'd live to see the day ..." More troubling, though, is the notion that electing a black president was the core of the Martin Luther King Dream, and that it will eliminate racism in America.

I only wish that electing an African-American to our highest office would eradicate racism. It won't, people! Minority-race children will still have trouble getting a good education; the coal-burning power station will still be located so that its soot falls in the economically-distressed black or latino section; Mexican men will still collect at the neighborhood hang-out point, hoping that someone will hire them, but instead be asked to show their papers; the man in the Sikh turban will be feared as he boards the jetliner; a dark-skinned man will still have trouble hailing a cab in downtown Manhattan, even if he is a lawyer or a surgeon.

I'm glad that so many had a reason to celebrate on Inauguration Day 2009 --- but let's not fool ourselves. We have made great progress, but we have not entered a new utopian age; today is merely the day after yesterday.