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Mission Accomplished

Filed By Cathy Renna | January 19, 2009 3:30 PM | comments

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Washington, DC is a very interesting place to live this week. I expect it will be for the next four (hopefully eight) years.

LincolnMemorial.jpgAfter the "We are one" concert yesterday the streets teemed with people and the mood was amazing. We went down to the mall early to check out the crowd and get some souvenirs, then headed home to watch on TV. Having a three year old in that crowd would not have been a good idea.

The enormity of these few days really hit me this morning. As I drove the dogs to the park at about 5:30 I saw two things. One was a huge sign lit by spotlights hanging on the side of house nearby. It said "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED." After laughing out loud, it really hit me. Yes, we have accomplished our mission.

The second thing, after seeing this sign, was my impulse to drive a little but towards downtown. And that is when the enormity of this truly hit me...

As I drove down Connecticut Ave, usually the way to the office for me, I saw dozens of people still out on the street from the night before. They extended bar hours in DC this week and people were clearly taking advantage of that, and now they were prowling for breakfast! Just like the crowd on the mall yesterday, they were diverse as you could imagine but had one thing in common - they were hopeful and thrilled to be part of history.

The next couple of days should be just as amazing and fun. Tonight Kate Clinton will lead a ceremonial saging of the city to cleanse us of the Bush legacy - is there enough sage in the world? Tomorrow we head to the swearing in and then the LGBT gala at the Mayflower (change of clothes required!). In between, we are scooping up buttons, t-shirts and other memorabilia for friends and family, and yes, even an Obama action figure for our daughter.

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I really wish I could be there. *sigh* I'm sure the crowds would kill me (don't like big crowds much!), but it would be an experience of a lifetime.

Mission accomplished... we'll never forget that one.