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Filed By Bil Browning | January 16, 2009 8:30 AM | comments

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My post asking what you'd change about Bilerico Project brought up the question of a version of Bilerico Project for your mobile phone. We offer that already, but we've never really promoted it on the site. Obviously, we should have.

Click here to use Bilerico Project's mobile site. *grins*

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I'm sorely disappointed in this. Just to let you know, the iPhone isn't the only 3G phone on the planet. There is no indication this will work on any other 3G phone except the iPhone. Care to clarify that?

ha, i was working on a jokey comment about BlackBerry erasure in the mobile page title... There go the gays again- always sweeping the dreaded letter B under the rug. I couldn't make it funny though, no matter how hard i tried. I guess bis really are humorless ;-)

FWIW, i can view original posts in mobile view on my BB, but going to comments takes me back to the full page.

Not the only phone!? Surely you jest!

It was written originally for iPhone users who couldn't see the YouTube videos, but it works for any mobile phone - not just the iPhone. As Jerame said in the last thread, it was originally written for iPhones, but expanded to all mobile phones. That was the indication. *grins*

You do get taken to the original post to comment. I don't like that either, but we're working on that one. Remember, J doesn't get paid to work on Bilerico. LOL We only get him when the paying gigs don't need him... :(

Keep us informed when you can make it easy for the rest of us. I try to go to Bilerico on my Sprint Instinct phone and it is worst place to call up. I is completely a pain in the butt trying to even get the front page to stable out, but it keeps defaulting to the Sign-Up Page. And, it's slower to go to then any other place. I have no where near as much problems going anywhere else.

I don't know what to tell you, Monica. There is no "sign-in page" when you use the mobile version. It's basically an RSS feed and that's it. No graphics to load, no nothin'. Just text. It works for everyone else that's written in and thanked us for publicizing it finally. LOL

If we ever get together and the problem still exists, I'll have to show you.

I tried it with my Playstation Portable and it works perfectly. There are only three things I'd like to see improved:

1. As I said to Jer in the comments of Bil's original post, a little color would be nice.

2. Having the ability to comment through a mobile device would be great and maybe even a boost in the number of comments.

3. The Google ad that appears at the top of the page seems to offer things that are completely the opposite of what I believe the interests of the majority of our readers are. The last few I've gotten include ads for blog lists of right-wing conservative blogs and for other fundie-related sites. Not only are they annoying just in general, but I'd suspect not too many of our readers are going to be clicking on them. Seems kinda counter-productive to me.