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National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Awards kickoff in Manhattan

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You know you are back in New York City when you are already running late for something while waiting for the fasten-seatbelt sign to go off. (In Fort Lauderdale, I am never late for anything because there's nothing to schedule. It's the land where cars and cosmetics outlive their owners.)

I dropped off my bag, threw on a pair of G-Stars and a vintage Versace tee yanked down to earth with a corduroy blazer, and took the #1 train down to the Design Within Reach store on 14th Street for the kick-off of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's 2009 New York Leadership awards.

Pictures and more after the jump.

The Task Force's Leadership Awards events pay tribute to community leaders, allies and organizations that fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people through their leadership, advocacy and action.

craig janice joe 1-22-09.JPGI was delighted finally to meet the Task Force's Director of Special Events, Janice Thom, flanked in this pic by my friends, the perpetually hot and squeezable Craig Marquis and the intrepid JoeMyGod who brought me up to speed on all the local gossip and news.

(While Joe was out of earshot, I discussed with other friends present the progress being made by a committee of which I am a member planning the October celebration of a significant birthday for Joe. You can email me for details.)

craig ken ? frank joe.JPGStanding next to Joe in the next pic is photographer Frank de Leon who also happens to be the husband of Bilerico contributor and past Task Force Executive Director Matt Foreman who was in Iowa.

I think the Task Force is one of the sturdiest and most effective LGBT orgs going, and damn they throw a good party. And speaking of their parties, expect to find my coverage of their 2009 Winter Party here on Bilerico as it unfolds. That is something I do have on my Florida calendar.

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If they ever actually change their name for real and become inclusive in name rather than just in claim, then I might start to like them. Glad that you had a nice trip, I've got one coming up in May to NYC myself. Doubt that I'll have as much fun as you did however.

C'mon, Rob. What organization is going to have the name "The National Gay and Lesbian and Bisexual and Transgender Task Force"? As soon as they do, Queer and Questioning will pop outta the woodwork and transexuals will demand that they be recognized separately from transgender people.

NGLTF is the most inclusive of the orgs and they have a longstanding history of working with the community to represent us all. Check out Creating Change, as an example.

I agree Bil... actions speak louder than words.

People can call themselves whatever-the-hell they want, but when other orgs didn't have the capacity nor the desire to help United ENDA, the Task Force did.
When Montgomery County was facing the nation's first-ever vote on transgender people, the Task Force funded their campaign and provided tons of technical assistance.
When other national orgs just ignore bisexuals, the Policy Institute at the Task Force does research on and publishes reports on the lives of bisexuals that lead to critical policy changes in service providers' care of bisexual people.

Plus, when you look at the actual NAMES of national organizations, even the words "gay" and "lesbian" start to look revolutionary when compared to the closet-y titles many groups choose for themselves.
Groups can be called whatever they want but what they DO is more important than what they call themselves.

(Sorry for using the word "closet-y." I'm pretty sure it's not a real word but... it's the closest thing to what I mean.)