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Oops. We were just kidding.

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The Kalamazoo City Council knuckles under.

When Kalamazoo, Michigan had passed an ordinance that prohibits discrimination in employment, housing or access to public resources on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, the American Family Association and others led a successful petition drive to put the ordinance on the ballot. On Monday, the City Council voted to repeal it, in order to retool it.

Judging from the response and Fundies' demands that whatever new ordinance replacing it automatically be put on the ballot, one has to wonder what compromise will need to be made to make the new bill acceptable to opponents. A special exemption for churches, religious institutions, religious business owners and religious people to ignore the "special right" for GLBT people to be treated as equals perhaps? Or dropping the T, as it's largely the spectre of the statistically unprovable transgender boogeyman in womens' washrooms and showers that terrified people into a frenzy? Do they really think that one or both will be enough to appease the anti-GLBT campaigns?

Meanwhile, the fearmongering continues in Gainesville.

P.S. The above frustration and perhaps exaggeration is likely a product of reading news feeds in the morning and being drubbed by the constant losses and Fundie rants. Let's hope Kalamazoo City Council instead holds to their principles.

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There is no compromise with bigotry. They will howl no matter what the law says.

This sets up a classic divide and conquer. Should the Kalamazoo City Council decide to remove the trans community in the spirit of "compromise" we will see yet again what happened in New York State in 2003 and in ENDA when trans people were thrown under the bus for political expediency. I'm sure the Reich Wingnuts would be thrilled if they could shaft us once again by shoving a wedge like that into our community.

There ought to be no compromise on civil rights either, but we all know how that works.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | January 14, 2009 9:19 PM

There is no compromise with bigotry. They will howl no matter what the law says.

You are absolutely right, Emelye.

I am SO SICK of religious fundamentalists. I wish we could give all the fundamentalist Christians, Jews, Arabs, Hindus, etc. their own faraway planet and let them fight it out while the rest of us happily go about our infidel ways.

this is a rehersal for ENDA....
Lets see what they do...

I expect that the right is going to fight everything and anything tooth and nail in a bid to try and prove that they are still 'relevant' to the political process. Since they have lost congress and the white house, I suspect that they are going to push hard to derail whatever they can through their well oiled hysteria machine. I expect the hate to just pour out of them at every turn.

the body count has just started, a lot more of us are going to become victims to these demagogues before this is over.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | January 15, 2009 12:40 AM

If I read this correctly there could be many small business owners who could choose to have a sudden "religious conversion" to allow them to discriminate. Disgusting!

Well, the sudden religious wingnuttery is focusing on transfolk because of what gay men did to us.

This is not so terribly hard to figure out. We have been repeatedly marked as expendable by the nontrans LGB.

This is the result.

This is silly. There's no compromise. The religious right won't stop until we're all in prison.