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The Stupid People Roundup

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Wow. There have been some unabashedly stupid people in the news lately. I, of course, feel obligated to point them out.

Indiana Republican Congressman Mark Souder thinks America's number one issue should be intelligent design instead of the economy, the wars, healthcare or even that perpetual boogeyman gay marriage.

marksouder03.jpgI personally believe that there is no issue more important to our society than intelligent design. I believe that if there wasn't a purpose in designing you - regardless of who you view the designer as being - then, from my perspective, you can't be fallen from that design. If you can't be fallen from that design, there's no point to evangelism. As an evangelical Christian, I believe the premise of a fall being at the core of reforming lives. I believe the concept of grace and forgiveness comes from having fallen from something.

Yeah. There's "no issue more important." I try to tell all of you what it's like living here, but no one ever believes me. It hurts some times. It hurts.

Bill Richardson and Formula One boss Ron Dennis after the jump.

richardson.jpgNew Mexico Governor Bill Richardson withdrew his name from consideration as Obama's Commerce Secretary as a federal grand jury investigates his connection with a California company. I'm not sure who's dumber - Obama for offering the position or Richardson for accepting originally.

"I have concluded that the ongoing investigation also would have forced an untenable delay in the confirmation process. Given the gravity of the economic situation the nation is facing, I could not in good conscience ask the president-elect and his administration to delay for one day the important work that needs to be done."

Politics 101: When you're under investigation it's a bad time to allow Congressman to pry into your affairs.

(After I published an open letter to Richardson's presidential campaign, Bill Richardson guest posted on Bilerico Project to apologize for a poor performance at the 2007 HRC/Logo Presidential Debates.)

peter-boland-220_780542f.jpgMcLaren Formula One boss Ron Dennis is in a UK court after his personal steward, Peter Boland, was fired because of unfounded rumors that he is gay. Dennis allegedly pressured the worker to take a private severance package instead of filing a complaint by threatening to use his vast resources to bury the former employee. Undaunted, Boland (pictured right) stepped forward and now unsavory details of the multi-millionaire's private life are coming to light - like his prejudices against Arabs.

"He came onboard and was offered a drink. Ron said he did not want a drink. Ron said he wanted to go to the bathroom to wash his hands because he had been shaking hands with Arabs all day."

RON_DENNIS_280x390_443762a.jpgAlso worth reviewing is this 2002 quote from Dennis about his relationship with driver Ayrton Senna:

"You never forget the very small, magic moments, when the words and the emotion were really, really deep and sincere.

"It edged on almost a masculine love which was... special.

"I use the word quite deliberately because it's, I think, the right word to use. It didn't have any homosexuality about it, it wasn't that sort."

Apparently Dennis thought Boland was "that sort" even though he's not. Which, in itself, is a pity because he's rather cute.

So who's your stupid person of the week?

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I didn't vote for Souder. I'd just like that known.

Stupid person of the week? There are so many canidates that just tallying them would be a monumental task that would take much longer than a week.

I will just plug in my own perrinial favorite from last week, and most weeks before that. I mean really, in sheer stupidity yo uwould be hard pressed to top that dear old man in as dress and funny hat, the pope.

I mean, you would think, with the amount of crossdressing he does, that he would be down with Gender Theory and the whole TG spectrum.

Hey, Bennie, it is never too late to transition you know.

I became seriously disillusioned with Ron Dennis after his inability to provide Kimi with a proper car and his mismanagement of Hamilton, Alonso and Kovalainen as members of a team. After this latest crap, I'm sewing a huge red flag with a horsie on it.

Souder's going to get my Official Polar "Dumb Enough To Swim In Hudson Bay On New Year's Day" award. Anyone who believes that intelligent design has any basis in reality, is not intelligent and shouldn't be allowed to design anything.

Evolution is not a theory, it is a fact, and we should be calling it the fact of evolution.

As for Ron Dennis, he's just about bigoted enough to own a Sprint Cup team.

Souder gets my vote, too.

Whether it's Intelligent Design, evolution, or outright Divine Creation, the life-producing process has been going on for at least 6,000 years (and more likely 15 billion years) --- so I wonder what Souder wants government to do about it? Outlaw genetic mutations and survival of the fittest? Issue a mandate to the natural world that Intelligent Design is mandatory?

An issue that humanity can do nothing about is a Saturday afternoon parlor discussion. A pressing political issue is one that calls for action.

Of course, what he's really talking about is which theory our public schools are forced to teach our children ... instead of respecting them enough to let them make up their own minds ... or respecting academic freedom and the First Amendment. His target is the youngsters, because he knows the Ph.D.s in biology at I.U. and Purdue ... and the occasional Nobel prizes they win, using modes of inquiry based on evolution theory ... are beyond his influence.

That Souder quotation, while dumb, is probably why that controversy is such a large component of the evangelical movement. Us, it's hatred and prejudice. Abortion, it's power and domination.

Creationism, it's about how they define themselves as a people. That includes a literal interpretation of the Bible caused by general poor reading and analytical skills, positioning their creation story as central to all humans, their anxiety around death, and what Souder describes, how it's central to their morality.

"I try to tell all of you what it's like living here, but no one ever believes me. It hurts some times. It hurts."

I went to Ball State, so believe me, I know.

Douglas Meagher | January 9, 2009 1:44 PM

Stupid people of the week? See "Brent Steele and Johnny Nugent are nuts."