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That Hot French Guy in "The Dreamers"? He Sings and Prances in "Love Songs"

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Love Songs (Les Chansons d'amour) is just your average story of a ménage à trois between two hot girls and one hot boy who get shaken up by a perplexing tragedy,louis garrel love songs.png by another hot boy who charmingly stalks the first hot boy around the streets of Paris, and by catchy modern alt-pop style songs that the characters sing out loud in public and in private. In other words, it's just your average French movie.

But filmmaker Christophe Honoré and composer Alex Beaupain have taken these conceits and have crafted a beguiling movie about love and loss, framed by gorgeous tunes that are filled with longing and/or intoxicatingly romantic. What's more, Love Songs, which was recently released on DVD, hardly has what most of us would consider "musical numbers." Instead, the songs are presented rather matter-of-factly, woven into the lives of the characters with a "so-what?-they-sing" attitude.

I know this movie isn't for everyone (hell, the term "French New Wave Cinema Musical" doesn't inspire confidence in me either), but, if you're struck by the following trailer like I was, the film is worth checking out:

Yes, that's the hot French guy from The Dreamers. (Hey, wasn't that a ménage à trois movie too? Do you detect a pattern here?) Louis Garrel, who is as achingly beautiful as the music in Love Songs, plays Ismaël.

My favorite scene and song in the film is "As-Tu Déjà Aimé." The very cute blond Erwann (played by Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet), who has a big crush on floppy-haired Ismaël (who doesn't, really?), coyly asks Ismaël about his feelings on love:


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Originally I was going to respond. But I think maybe I should just let the joke die here before we both get in trouble.

Oh, the shame of my home away from home... yes, they have bad pop as well.

Although I do have that white and blue striped sweater the kid in the second video has! But it was from Celio, and I had to throw it away after a few months and learned my lesson about buying clothes there....