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Vote and feel good about it (one way or another)

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It's day two of the 2008 Weblog Awards and things are looking grim for The Bilerico Project. We're in 4th place as of this writing. We love being listed with some really great blogs, but we'd really like to pull out an upset win against our friendly competitors.

It's hard to pick a favorite blog, isn't it? I mean, when you look at the choices, how can you pick just one? It's like Lay's potato chips (you know, "I bet you can't eat just one.")

So why not go ahead over to the voting page and click on our button? You'll feel good because you'll be making a whole lot of us feel good about the work we do. We served up over 2 million page views to nearly 1 million unique visitors in the past year and we hope to double that in the next year.

That's not enough? Well, I hear Father Tony is giving out sexual favors for votes...I don't know how he's handling the fact you can vote daily for a week, but claim your spot in line now and vote.

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Why does it matter if you win?

I realize that isn't very competitive of me...but especially considering that everyone can vote once a day for a week, what exactly does it mean?

Just wondering...

It means life, Patrick. Life. There is nothing more important than this competition.

Vote now, question later. Preferably after January 13th.

Haha, just kidding. Actually, it helps us out a lot, since we work on a regular basis with folks outside the blogosphere. It'll help us attract guest posts and recruit new contributors, as well as attract more readers.

To me, Patrick, it's a validation of all this work I do for bilerico. It says, "Thanks! We appreciate the fact that you've poured every spare minute into giving us a way to blow some of our own free time."

You see, we do this for the love of it, not the money. Cuz, just ask Alex, you won't get rich from blogging.

The other part is that the winners get bragging rights for a year, a nice little graphic to put on their blog, and increased traffic.

I'm also competitive. I like to win and we have some good competition. If we beat out sites like Joe My God and Pam's House Blend, then we know we've made it.

Have I convinced you to go vote yet?

If not, don't forget about Tony's offers of sexual favors...LMAO

Are you doubting my stamina?
I've already polished off the first roughly 400 voters and its only Wednesday (I took them in groups of 20) Like the lines at Disney, they move fast.

Honey, I don't doubt your stamina - I realize you're a vessel of lasciviousness. I just don't want you phoning it in when it comes my turn. I've got 3 tickets to this dance and I want my money's worth!