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Barney Frank says military spending counts as spending

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 02, 2009 3:00 PM | comments

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This is a pretty bad-ass video. I've noticed as well that for years conservatives and the Washington establishment are against spending, but somehow military spending doesn't ever seem to count as spending. Barney Frank articulates here on This Week the very complicated idea that money spent on the military still counts as money. Notice how media pretty boy George Stephanopoulis attempts to change the conversation - no one is allowed to notice that wars cost money in the Very Serious American political discourse. As one commenter on the YouTube video put it: "At this rate, people in the American News Media may even have begun to acknowledge that water is wet by, oh, 2046."

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Yeah, what he said.

Actually there is a lot of defense related spending that could put cash in the pockets of consumers. Refurbishing housing for junior enlisted, upgrading military family housing, and so on. Air Force One replacement project could be sped up and the contract given to Boeing or Lockheed Martin (forget AirBus).

Awesome snippet, Alex.

You've got your finger right on it!

Good job to Alex and to Barney Frank.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | February 3, 2009 4:40 PM

Frank, the transbigot who gutted ENDA to please the Chamber of Commerce and bigots in both parties occasionally puts on his populist hat. He really wants to be Senator Barney. So like Obama and other right centrist hustlers he shuffles towards the center when an election is coming up.

Then he shuffles back.

His politics regarding war are illuminated by what he’s against. Does Frank vote no on all war spending? Does he demand the immediate and total withdrawal of US military and terrorist forces to home bases? Does he advocate the impeachment of Obama for continuing the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan? Does he call for convening an International War Crimes Tribunal to investigate Clinton, Bush and members of their administration?

Of course not. He's a right centrist, a Democrat best known in our communities as the turncoat who led the bipartisan bigoted effort to gut ENDA.