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Mea culpa

Filed By Sara Whitman | February 17, 2009 11:30 AM | comments

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I just got yelled at by two people.

Where's the posts???

Mea Culpa. I really have been remiss.

Last week managed to get a tad busy. Mass Equality had our big gayla bash on Saturday night. It was great. I was the co-host. I had a great group of friends who showed, cheered me on. It meant so much to me to have everyone there. The best part? Dancing until we could not dance anymore.

I also was packing Jake and Zachary for winter camp- yup. This week, both are out braving the winter elements, having a blast, skiing, skating, sledding. School is off for the whole week. They begged to go and, well, who am I to disagree?

Ben and I are up in Ogunquit. Just the two of us. Time to chill, hang out, spend time together. This has meant, so far, a massive dose of reality television shows. Soon to be shopping. I'm letting him decide what we do, where we go.

Well... not completely. I have my limits.

After thinking about the kid in need, and the kids we have, Jeanine and I decided this is not the right time to add another person to our family. Some day, yes, we will. I wish the reality was we missed our only chance but I know better.

After all the chaos of last week, I'm looking forward to a long, quiet week.


I know, I'm dreaming.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | February 17, 2009 7:17 PM

Quiet is relative. Imagine, someday you will have a quiet house, and you will miss the bedlam. :)

oh, I know. but I'll enjoy the quiet, too.

and then I'll call all my kids about twenty times a day.

As the father of a teenager, the quiet times are the pinpoints in life I live for right now. To have snuggle time on the couch? Heaven.