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Moving Forward

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Denver... you have to love a city where they don't run you down when you're in the crosswalk. And everyone is actually in the crosswalk.

Strange for a Bostonian to see.

The community continues to digest the Prop 8 loss. Sure, people are talking about AZ and FL, but the focus is on California. What went wrong? How could we have lost? Will we ever win a ballot question or are we destined to lose them forever?

The most productive statement came from Nadine Smith, of Equality Florida. We must, she said, be out on every form, every moment, of every waking day. If we travel, we fill out forms as married people. If we file taxes? We file as married people. When ever, where ever we can, we must identify ourselves.

It's Harvey Milk's message. It continues to be relevant.

It is an act of non-violent civil disobedience. We must refuse to be considered single when we are families.

There is still a level of finger pointing going on that makes me very uncomfortable. I don't see the point. Positive messages, like Ms. Smith's, is where we need to focus our energy.

Let's move forward, folks.

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Outstanding post, and a topic that came up tonight in a bowling alley, of all places, amongst freinds of mine...

You think Boston is bad? You definitely haven't been in Miami. They'll run over schoolkids, and they'll even honk in road rage despite almost running over you when it was your turn to cross. Red lights and stop signs? Ha, you don't understand Hispanics; in Venezuela and other South American countries, these are there for decorative purposes. It's a free-for-all.

I was rather pleased with the change to Boston-- and I love it when I visit Amherst-- in comparison to the hellhole that South Florida can be.

BEST IDEA YET - "If we travel, we fill out forms as married people. If we file taxes? We file as married people."

Until we start utilizing REAL civil disobedience, our "begging/pleading" for equality will remain just that. Pathetic, really.

EQUALITY is OURS TO TAKE. Why are we asking for civil rights in the same way a child asks her mother for a cookie? "Please, may I have it? I promise I'll be good enough to earn it and won't appear TOO demanding or angry."

Really pathetic.

Nadine's idea. I agree. it's a great idea.

and uh, as I watch the snow whip around outside? I'm thinking I'd take south florida right now.


Preach to the choir some more. You're talking to a tropical baby hailing from the 2-stations paradisaical climate that is Caracas, Venezuela.

I wasn't made for the cold! *cries*