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Outrageous anti-gay Don't Ask, Don't Tell commentary up at

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I don't know who the "F" Merrill R. Darby is, but this guy has one of the most homophobic commentaries I've ever seen, easily eclipsing some of the best of Elaine Donnelly of The Center for Military Readiness re: DADT. It's up at WOAI-TV. It was picked up, unbelievably, by as well.

Titled "'Openly gay' troops will degrade the U.S. military," it is a diatribe that embodies the ignorant "don't drop the soap in the shower" fears of rampant sodomy mentality, exhibits the paranoia seen in our favorite anti-gays re: the powerful Homosexual Agenda, and is simply a intellectually fraudulent piece of work, belched out because the prospect of overturning Don't Ask, Don't Tell is close to a reality.

Overt homosexual behavior among the troops was a controversial topic long before an American president (who himself had avoided military service) clumsily attempted to "lift the ban" in order to pay his party's political debt to the "gay rights" lobby. Not all world leaders, however, have been as dismissive of the military need for order, discipline, and uniformity as Bill Clinton was 16 years ago. Or, as President Barack Obama, another non-veteran, appears to be now.

...America's 44th president, a liberal Democrat despite all of the centrist talk, appears to be on board the pro-gay bandwagon. However, Commander in Chief Obama apparently wants to avoid the mistakes Clinton made and not rush into this contentious issue.

There are several inconvenient truths on the military's side of the argument, too.

First off, it is because of "don't ask, don't tell," which forbids out-of-the-closet behavior, that gay men and women can and do serve successfully alongside straight troops.

..."Many GIs are fundamentally opposed to the idea [of openly gay troops] especially due to HIV/AIDS, which takes time to appear in lab tests but can infect you upon contact," a retired non-commissioned officer (NCO) in Army Special Forces remarked. "Imagine this scenario: There are mass casualties requiring medivac and the helicopter's rotor-wash, as you know, throws sand, debris, and blood as well as other bodily fluids all over the place. Guess what--any blood or bodily fluid residue, no matter how minute, that hits an open wound or moist area including the eyes will be a conduit for transmission of the virus. Therefore, the casualty count increases not because of battlefield injury but cross-contamination."

"Somehow," added this veteran of conflicts in Central America and Afghanistan, "this factor is often overlooked by the Left and their fellow conspirators in the press."

Note these ridiculous statements from the anonymous source; if the risks are so great, why aren't we seeing skyrocketing cases of HIV/AIDS in all of the countries that DO allow gays and lesbians to openly serve? Let's see some real stats, please, before spewing this bile. Facts are inconvenient.

And Darby uses the tired argument that integrating the forces regarding race bears no similarities to the debate on DADT today.

In the bigger picture, though, not everybody buys into the gay lobby's narcissistic claim of historic injustice that approximates that of African-Americans (whose ancestors were kidnapped en masse, chained, transported to this continent under the cruelest of conditions, and forced into slavery). As one letter writer, self-identified as a Lutheran minister in San Diego, Calif., stated Jan. 30 in USA Today, the "comparison of black Americans' fight for civil rights with the fight for gay rights fails. Indeed, many black people strongly disagree with [this] reasoning."

...The U.S. military's prior discrimination against African-Americans was wrong and its end was long overdue. The military's ongoing prohibition against troops' openly gay conduct, however, is entirely different. It is appropriate and necessary. The problem is obnoxious behavior that other troops should not have to tolerate on duty or off duty.

Why do we care what one -- again anonymous -- San Diego pastor thinks about this? It's laughable. And obnoxious behavior? What, pray tell is he talking about? Certainly harassment of any kind would be grounds for charges. Is Darby worried about the soap dropping and being irresistible to a horny gay enlisted man (after all, women aren't on this guy's mind)?

And believe it or not, this is part one of a three-part series on this topic. Read and start shredding. I have to wonder if this isn't Elaine doing a little moonlighting since her reputation is ass after her self-destruction during hearings on the Hill last year.

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"The problem is obnoxious behavior that other troops should not have to tolerate on duty or off duty."

This isn't about anyone's behavior. This is about who we are.

Oh yes, that so pro-gay bandwagon. Which explains why the entire homosexual agenda has been enacted already.

These folks really are nothing unless they think they're oppressed, no?

Daniel Lewis Frommherz | February 17, 2009 1:15 PM

Folks, As a former soldier who happens to be gay I find the statements made by the nayers of allowing us to serve in the Military so full of the proverbial "CR_P" that they are almost laughable. As a soldier in Vietnam (December 1967 through November 1969) before I came out while earning a degree at the University of Oregon I (meaning we) all knew who the Gay Soldiers were and frankly I might have even been a bit jealous they were getting "NOUKIE" and the rest of us were not. Then being brought back into the miltary to serve out my 23 years with 14 ARCOMS (Army Commendation Medals) I retired after Desert Shield/Storm. Before the Don't Ask Don't Tell was put into effect with President Clinton we Gay Soldiers had no problem with the straight soldiers. It took Matthew Sheppard and Brokeback Mountain to realize the obvious do we want to be Ennis Del Mar 20 or 30 years from now with only memories of what should have been our right?