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Raleigh, Charlotte dioceses pushing same-sex celibacy, NC marriage amendment

Filed By Pam Spaulding | February 16, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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And the Catholic church wonders why people are leaving in droves. This article turned up in Sunday's edition of the News & Observer. The Raleigh diocese is launching a Courage ministry to "help" gay and lesbians pray away same-sex attractions. It will join leadership of the Charlotte diocese at a Feb 24 presser to back a marriage amendment in the state.

The move is part of a more aggressive push by the dioceses of Raleigh and Charlotte to march in step with the Vatican on the issue of homosexuality. On Feb. 24, the bishops of both dioceses will hold a news conference at the legislature to announce their support for an amendment to the state's constitution defining marriage as a union of a man and a woman. The effort is intended to quash the possibility of same-sex marriage, should a court find North Carolina's law prohibiting gay unions unconstitutional.

Such a bill has been introduced before, but has not drawn support from the leading Democrats who control the state House and Senate and has stalled in committee. With Democrats still in command, the bill is unlikely to gain much support this time.

This article's spin is quite disturbing, almost supportive in its overview of Courage's mission and the rest of the ex-gay movement, noting that the Vatican is also sweeping out the gay in the seminaries to "enlist the aid of psychologists in screening candidates for homosexuality and other 'psychic disturbances,'" and compares Courage to Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Catholic Church maintains that same-sex attraction is not sinful but that homosexual sex is. That has given gays and lesbians wide latitude in finding their place within the Roman Catholic Church. Nationally, there are several gay and lesbian ministries -- some that accept gays and lesbians as they are, others like Courage that view homosexuality as a problem to be overcome.

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My mom used to do a BAD THING when she was a child. My mom went to a Roman Catholic School (virtually all schools were run by churches back then) and the Nuns would catch her doing the BAD THING and they would punish her (they would also punish her for being poor and being unable to dress nice, too). They told her the BAD THING was wrong. The BAD THING was not natural. The BAD THING wasn't what God wanted, it said so RIGHT IN THE BIBLE, so it was for her own good. Everyone else didn't do the BAD THING, so why couldn't she just be like everyone else. The BAD THING was sinister, and a sign of the DEVIL!

Can you guess what the BAD THING was that the Roman Catholic Nuns tried to beat out of her?

Being left-handed.

So, Catholic Church? Sit on your moral slide rule and agonize over defaced crackers and bus slogans while turning blind eyes and closed mouths to genocides and rapes.
Root out people with "psychic disturbances" and "moral imperfections", Pope "Eggs" Benedict is a BIG fan of "purity" for some reason.

Angela Brightfeather | February 17, 2009 7:39 PM


Thanks for posting this. I saw it in the Sunday paper in Raleigh and being ex-RC myself I read it thoroughly and with great disgust.

Now the big question I had was, where are the Bi and Trans people heading at their end according to the RC and have they just given up on converting us?

If you notice, there is nothing in the article about people who are Trans and Bi and now I am wondering if I made a mistake about leaving the RC. I am wondering if I can go to church and be accepted as Angela, or am I in one of those situations like the unbaptised babies who died and ended up in Limbo, only to be freed to go to heaven after the RC did away with Limbo a few years back. I'm really perplexed. Being left out entirely, I'm just not sure what the ruling would be on someone like me.

Personally I think that the RC is just to afraid to mention us Trans folks for a very good reason. They don't have the slightest idea what to do about us. Many of us are hetero by nature, yet totally supportive of all GLBT people and their lives. The New Testament doesn't even mention us and as long as we wear clothes that anyone else would wear to church, they don't have a complaint really. So they just forget that we exist. It's amazing how they simply make us disappear in a heartbeat. They don't even try separating us from GLB people because they are scared stiff of trying to find some way to catagorize us, because of the way we express ourselves. They already have people in the pews who don't dress nearly as well as many TG people do.

I think that the fact that we are not mentioned in thier plans for conversion says a great deal about what they are willing to undertake as a challenge to their conversion theories. The fact that while we understand that our sexual and gender identities are inherent from birth, is uniting for us, but it flies in the face of their conversion ideas. I don't think it's even a venial sin, let alone a mortal sin to dress in the opposite gender of your birth.

I'll let you know what I find out from the Bishop when I talk to him.

In any event Pam, I plan on contacting the Bishop and asking him exactly what they have planned in this program for Trans people and why it is they keep on leaving us out of their conversion plans. It's not that I really want to be included. But I think it might be interesting to find out why gays and lesbians can be converted and changed, but Trans people don't seem to hit their radar screen at all.