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Rebranding the crazy right

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The Religious Right doesn't like being called that anymore, so they're trying out new words. It seems that people don't like what they hear when they hear "Religious Right" (via Juan Cole):

Jerry Falwell, cofounder of the Moral Majority, self-applied the Religious Right label until it started taking a more negative connotation, according to John Green, senior fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

"Terminology is fraught with peril," Green said. "People associated it with a hard-edge politics and intolerance. Very few people to whom that term now would apply would use that term."

Now how oh how would people ever come to associate "Religious Right" or "Moral Majority" with "hard-edge politics and intolerance"? It's ludicrous to ever come to such an outlandish conclusion. I said ludicrous!

However, several politically conservative evangelicals said in interviews that they do not want to be identified with the "Religious Right," "Christian Right," "Moral Majority," or other phrases still thrown around in journalism and academia.

"There is an ongoing battle for the vocabulary of our debate," said Gary Bauer, president of American Values. "It amazes me how often in public discourse really pejorative phrases are used, like the 'American Taliban,' 'fundamentalists,' 'Christian fascists,' and 'extreme Religious Right.' "

I can see why they wouldn't like some of these other terms, but they did come up with "Religious Right," "Moral Majority," and "Christian Right" themselves. It's not our fault that those terms turned to shit once they touched them.

This dude from FOTF thinks that these terms suggest extremism:

Gary Schneeberger, vice president of media and public relations for Focus on the Family, said that when writers include terms like "Religious Right" and "fundamentalist," they can create negative impressions.
"Terms like 'Religious Right' have been traditionally used in a pejorative way to suggest extremism," Schneeberger said. "The phrase 'socially conservative evangelicals' is not very exciting, but that's certainly the way to do it."

Newsflash, bozo, the reason everyone thinks you're extremists isn't the word "fundamentalist." It's this noise:


First they tried to save her life, and now they have recorded a beautiful original song to memorialize Terri Schiavo and express their love in a way they can share with others.

The world first saw 10-year-old Gabriel Keys and his sister, Josie, 14, his brother, Cameron, 12, and his father, Chris Keys when they were all led away in handcuffs along with the family's pastor Steve Hopkins for attempting to bring a glass of water to Terri Schiavo the week before she died.

Now they have recorded a new song and made it available free on the Internet to anyone who would like to download it. "Terri's Song" is now available free of charge at

The song was written by Hopkins and recorded at Pure Light Studios just hours after the announcement that Terri Schiavo had died.

"I just had to let the world know how we feel, and I couldn't find a better way than to do it through music and song," explained Hopkins.

The frustration felt by many is expressed by Hopkins in the song as he sings: "Terri, fighting for life at death's door, in a crazy tug of war, with your life in between. Terri, a cup of water they denied, those little children knelt and cried, they refused to save your life, Terri."

There's no rebranding that. That craziness took all of 0.26 seconds for Google to find, and it's just scratching the crazy surface.

They can change as many terms as they want, but that stuff's going to smell right through.

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If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...and smells like a duck...

So they no longer want to be associated with words like "religious", "moral", and "right"? I can see that, and I am glad they may be coming to terms with their beliefs. The truth hurts sometimes.


"Pagan", instead of "religious"?
"Immoral", instead of "moral"?
"Mediocre", instead of "right"?
and finish with "People"

The acronym would make them "PIMP"s. (I sure I can do better given a little time.)

Alex, why not have a renaming contest for these bigots with a fabulous Bilerico prize for the winner?

I am sorry, but being a Pagan, I would take real offence at that term being used for them, which also is ignoring the fact that the word originates as a term for non-christian religious beliefs.

Isn't it nice that once their fair haired boy is out of the way they start running for the dictionaries in order to redefine a movement that has been basically anti-constitutional and authoritarian from the start.

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | February 17, 2009 8:03 PM

"Terms like 'Religious Right' have been traditionally used in a pejorative way to suggest extremism,"

To which the Bible says: "If thou the shoe fitteth, weareth it."

Just don't ask me for the chapter and verse. I grew up Roman Catholic (pre Vatican II)

Wasn't Terri Schiavo proven to have been braindead for over a decade?

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | February 18, 2009 6:40 AM

I think you have her confused with Obama's immediate predecessor, who reported had fewere cognative functions.

beachcomberT | February 18, 2009 9:46 AM

I didn't realize "fundamentalist" was a swear word. Only if you're an "evangelical." I don't care what adjective they use for themselves, but can we please liberate the word "Christian" from these kooks so it has some connection to the teachings of Jesus Christ -- the radical stuff like "love thy neighbor," "judge not," "forgive us our trespasses" etc. etc.

I know that Andrew Sullivan is anathema in some quarters of the LGBT community, but I think he coined the term "Christianist" to describe these folks, in my view not a bad contribution to the language.

I've heard several times that while "homosexual" (in quote marks) pisses us off, the one thing I say often that really irritates the Hoosier religious right is "rightwing nutjob."

I'm keeping it. :)

The ones here absolutely get livid when they are referred to as the Religious Reich, so, naturally, that's how I refer to them every chance I get. I also use the terms "right-wing nutcase", "conservative wacko", "stupid Bible thumper", "snake charmers", and "snake oil salesmen".

Of course, they want to be called "evangelicals". I never call them that. When they excise transvestite, she-male, he/she, and men in dresses, I'll think about treating them with respect.

I had 2 Mormons darken my door today. I told them I was going to treat them the way they treated my friends in California, then cussed them, shook my metal cane at them, and told them to get their bigoted a#@es the f#$% off my lawn and out of my neighborhood. They were last seen riding in opposite directions on the street in abject fear. It might have been wrong, but it was fun, and felt very, very good.