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RNC Chair Michael Steele: Gay Rights? Depends on when you ask me...

Filed By Waymon Hudson | February 24, 2009 10:00 AM | comments

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Michael Steele, the new RNC Chair who has promised an "off the hook" make-over for the Republican Party, can't seem to get all of his issues squared away or remember what he's said in past interviews.

1_62_steele_michael.jpgSteele, who has a bad record on LGBT rights, seemed to be trying to change his tune in order to make the GOP brand more palatable to younger and more progressive voters. On FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Steele said the Republicans need to reach out to and make room for those that support gay rights.

Well, he just closed the doors to that big tent (as if they were ever open). Responding to the Oscar wins for MILK, Steele was asked by radio show host Mike Gallagher, who attacked Penn for ignoring "the majority of Americans" by supporting gay marriage rights and going against America's "fundamental value," if he thought the party "ought to consider" something like civil unions.

Steele's answer? He decided to quote a little Amy Winehouse- "No, No, No!"

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GALLAGHER: Is this a time when Republicans ought to consider some sort of alternative to redefining marriage and maybe in the road, down the road to civil unions. Do you favor civil unions?

STEELE: No, no no. What would we do that for? What are you, crazy? No. Why would we backslide on a core, founding value of this country? I mean this isn't something that you just kind of like, "Oh well, today I feel, you know, loosey-goosey on marriage." [...]

GALLAGHER: So no room even for a conversation about civil unions in your mind?

STEELE: What's the difference?

It seems Steele has a bit of an identity crisis. Gay rights are good when he needs to sound centrist (like when he need to get elected to his RNC Chair position), but not when the base needs some firing up. Of course, this is from the man who once said:

We need to uptick our image with everyone, including one-armed midgets.

Way to lead the party out of the wilderness, Steele.

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greatwhitebear | February 24, 2009 12:18 PM

WTF, Mikey??!!

a core, founding value of this country?

Do you realize how totally ignorant that line sounds coming from a person of color? Yeah, let's go back to when your ancestors and my indentured servant Welsh forebears were the property of other men--not of women, just the men.

Brace for the next buggered homophobe scandal in your party, Mikey--it's coming soon!

I've got a core founding principle for Mr. Lie, Cheat, and Steele: the GOP is a morally bankrupt, bigoted, obsolete institution that should be abolished as the abject economic disaster-causing institution it is.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't the inviolability of property when that property was chattel african slaves one of the rock solid core values of America?

That value gave rise to this one: black people could not marry in any legal sense and their families were artificial and dissoluble,.
A Biblical Value, you see...

Also, was not the right to exterminate or otherwise drive off the aboriginal native Americans another core value of the land?

and....in the Massachusetts Bay area, the tarring and feathering of Roman Catholics as an unwelcome element and the execution without trial of Jesuits to maintain the biblical purity of the land was one of the core values to be defended. And keeoping Catholicism out was perceived at the time to be the bedrock of a Godly nation....

Didn't Steele get the memo that we're compromising on civil unions?

Maura and Bear beat me to my point. There were lots of "founding values" that shouldn't make the cut today - slavery, indentured servitude, no rights for women, voting only for rich, white men, no public education, etc.