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Schadenfreude of the Day: Fox News Host Vs. Lansing Mayor

Filed By Jeremy Bishop | February 19, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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Showing poor judgment, I hopped over to The Drudge Report to do some of my daily opposition research, and stumbled upon an article where a CNBC host laments Obama's mortgage plan, asks the question should taxpayers have to pay for someone else's mortgage, and then calls for a Wall Street tea party. All with no sense of irony.

I'm constantly amazed at the furor of people on Wall Street regarding bailouts of Main Street and salaries of blue-collar and white-collar workers, with no reflection on the asinine amounts of money they make.

Then a friend sent me this YouTube clip of Mayor Virg Bernero tearing into a Fox News host and it just put a smile on my face. After living through 30 years of conservative market-driven politics, its nice to see a new fierce populism raising its lovely head. I thought I would pass it on.

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Mayor Bernero is now on my hero's list. His statement is a true example of standing up to the Wall Street re-framing of our reality.

I would have to work for 66 years at $75,000 a year to make close to what one Wall Street banker can bring home in salary and bonuses in one year.

Up to now most people in the U.S. have had an aversion to looking at our class structure, or even admitting that it exists. Well, guess what? Not any more. Let's hear it for more of this "new fierce populism" taking to the airwaves.

Thanks for bringing this to us Jeremy.

The hairdo from Faux was playing fast and loose with the facts. UAW workers are not the only workers in the economy that get "healthcare for life". Health care was a part of my public school teacher dad's retirement package. I think it is even still covering my mom.

The news host was banking on the probability that most of his viewers don't understand the complexity of compensation packages. The paycheck is only one part of the total picture. If healthcare for life is unsustainable for GM it is thus for every employer in the country - which is why in order to be competitive in international markets US worker health care needs to be other than employment based.

Greg- you hit the nail on the head. Until the US creates a government sponsored health care system, our employers will never be able to fully compete with other countries, like Japan and Germany, in the auto industry for example, where their car companies don't have to provide health care.

great point greg.

Audrey Hopkins | February 19, 2009 8:28 PM

An absolutely beautiful smackdown of a true horse's ass mouthpiece for corporate greed.

This is the best news piece I'e seen on Faux News ever!

Thanks Jeremy. I can't believe they let a serious talker into the commercial media even for 3 minutes. But that Bernero guy totally kicks a--. I love the way he dominated the conversation and didn't let the hairdo distract him from educated discourse. I wish some liberal money bags would finance media with guys like that. But they won't. The weasels.

Actually they have. Air America Radio is an example as is Democracy Now and Paciifica.

I love it how the news anchor sighs and rolls his eyes like a petulant teenager while the adult is talking about the issues...

OMG I was thinking the same thing!

"I love it how the news anchor sighs and rolls his eyes like a petulant teenager while the adult is talking about the issues..."

I just saw Ann Coulter do the same thing on Larry King last night to Joy Behar.

Mums the word, and don't tell my illegal, undocumented husband, but I gotta crush on Mayor Virg Bernero. I hope more and more politicians who FREAKIN' PEOPLE, would adopt his stance.

Heh. Politicians and executives get health care for life too. Wouldn't be surprised if there were clauses in contracts such as those people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly sign too.

What twaddle! The average wage includes people making only minimum wage. Why should

Let's rephrase that - what is the average hourly wage counting bonuses, stock options etc of the workforce of Goldman Sachs?

What was it for Bear Stearns? How can they possibly compete given the difference between this and the average wage? Why should people who make less subsidise them? Why should we subsidise things like $20,000 to the conservative group of their choice? Subsidise their mortgages beoyond what we already do in government programs? Why are poor people subsidising bond traders to get Ivy League degrees? When we already do this through government programs?

Matching Gift Program: The firm will match donations, up to a total of $20,000 or equivalent per employee, on a one-to-one basis to eligible institutions and organizations

Education, tuition reimbursement, preparatory courses and exams, and scholarships and fellowships

Employee discounts and services program: online discounts, household services, insurance and other special offers provided by outside vendors
Discounted banking, loans, and mortgages

Reimbursement for meals and travel beyond normal business hours

Hehehe that was awesome.

that fox news dude is a total chump.