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Spain to allow FtM into the Military

Filed By Brynn Craffey | February 12, 2009 1:30 PM | comments

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Just to provide some perspective on how much power the religious right wing wields in the United States, consider this breaking news story coming out of Catholic Spain, where the Defense Ministry, headed by a woman, seems to be on the verge of allowing FtM's into the military.

Following his second unsuccessful attempt to join the Spanish Armed forces on Tuesday this week, 28 year old transsexual Aitor G.R from Jaén, is now celebrating the news from the Ministry for Defense that they are currently completing the revision of the legislation of medical exclusions, under which Aitor was rejected because of his lack of a penis or testicles.

A ministry spokesman said that as soon as the new guidelines are announced, from the very same day candidates who lack a penis would be accepted.

Now, as a pacifist, I'd prefer to see progress in areas other than a society's ability to wage war. Nevertheless, even I will admit that this represents progress I never expected to see in my lifetime--much less, in Catholic Spain!

Not only does it illustrate how far behind many EU countries America is falling when it comes to LGBT legal rights, but I'd say it also shows what a difference a critical mass of women in positions of power can make.

A quote from another story makes a humorous, but very appropriate point:

'I want to be a soldier, not a porn star', he said determined to make it clear he does not need a member to serve Spain.

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Spain is now on the same par as Australia. It would be nice to see them open even more by allowing trans women to serve openly. A post-op MtF would "blend in" easier than a trans man without a penis. But, I'm not complaining about these great baby steps.

Canada, UK, Israel and Thailand allow ALL of there transsexual citizens to serve openly. In Canada, trans people were allowed to serve openly BEFORE GLB people were. I really love Canadians.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | February 12, 2009 3:14 PM

Wow, Monica, I had no idea!!!

Do you have any feedback on if the trans soldiers are subjected to any discrimination or experience trouble with their fellow soldiers in any of these countries?

Again, while I recognize a limited need for military forces, I am totally against warfare as a means to resolve...well, anything. Still, I believe that military forces allowing men without dicks to serve is revolutionary.

Great! Last I heard about this the bill was moving through parliament. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Brynn!

I'd be curious to know how Spain handles FtM as well.

Monica that was really offensive to say that post-op transwomen would fit in better than a transguy with no penis. Its shouldn't matter about your genitals but the fact you want to serve your country.