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The top 20 most admired people is a diverse crowd!

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 23, 2009 2:30 PM | comments

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Via JMG, here are the results from the periodical Harris Poll that asks Americans who they admire most. It's a pretty diverse group - seven people of color of which five are black, five women, three LGBTQ people, four from alternative families, and one non-human entity. Also good to see some leftist extremists (by today's American standards) as well as an assortment of liberals.

Also interesting is how time-sensitive some of these picks are. The list would be completely different if conducted one year from now.

admired poll.jpg

Who would you have named as your most admired person?

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Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser | February 23, 2009 3:06 PM

Chelsey Sullenberger? Really???

Sure, he did save the lives of those people, but he did so by doing the job that he was trained to do. I consider the thousands of police, firemen/women, and EMTs who also do the jobs they were trained to do just as heroic and admirable.

I'm curious who you are counting the 3 LGBT people in that list. I don't see any confirmed LGBT people- only a few that have been rumored about.

You know how I roll, Scott - rumors are totally enough for me. :)

Oh, yeah, and I'm counting lincoln, condi rice, and jesus as lgbtq.

That's what I was saying about how this list would be completely different in one year - sullenberger won't be on it, and neither will mccain. Obama will be lower, and hopefully bush will be too. Powell will probably drop off if he stays out of the limelight like he has been since he retired as sec. of state, and rice will probably drop off too as people forget her.

And there'll be some people on it we haven't even met yet, although I'd really like to see reagan pushed off that list. What did he ever do other than illegally sell/give weapons to various factions, ignore HIV, and shout a little speech at russia?

I got Abe and Jesus as LBTQ, but Condi? Don't tell me she was doing 3-ways with W and Laura?

Wait... you're going on rumors and you didn't include Oprah?!

Ha ha!

Even I have some standards when it comes to what rumors I listen to.

One other difference between 2001 and now is the millions of blogs. Many are looking for something to write about, and nonsense like this study is ideal. This includes my blog
I only count self acknowledged homoze, which leaves out most of the top twenty. The standards were a bit different for Mr. Washington and J boi. I also see 6 women, including G-d.
Mr. Blaze, do you do anything except write?

Who are your 6 women? I got 5 with Condi, Oprah, Mother Teresa, God, and Hillary.

I thought #8 would be Alex Blaze. You're #8 on my list, Alex. :)

I think God is part of the LGBTQQQQQQ group. He, she, or it does not have a gender. :)