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Wow. Visualize not being a catty bitch.

Filed By Bil Browning | February 23, 2009 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: documentary film, HIV/AIDS, PBS, stereotypes

Great. Another stereotypically gay bitchy HIV+ queen stroking her feline and being, well, catty to her friend, "You don't have any trouble... especially in that shirt." When will FOX see these stereotypes for what they... Uh. What? PBS?! Goddamn it.

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The guy in the teal shirt has a great voice!

Who would name their cat Skylar..besides me?

What is this?

Bil... give us some context! Where did this crazy clip come from?!

Sorry! It's from the PBS show Nature. It's an episode about the relationship between pets and their owners.

PBS, "Nature" series, "Why We Love Cats and Dogs" --- here's a link to find it on the PBS website.

This is going to come as a surprise to some of you uptight a-holes, but a lot of us homosexuals are feminine, effete, and -- dare I say it, NELLY! You can go ahead and spout your nonsense all the fuck you want, but the couple above were charming and endearing, something you nervous queers who are so concerned about GLBT folk looking normal, whatever the fuck normal is. And here's another load for your pipe: some of wear dresses for fun AND even write political blogs.

Get over yourselves and realize that Gays, Lesbians, Bi-sexuals, and even Transexuals come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and varying degrees of femininity. As far as I'm concerned, the only time being butch counts is ... is ... well, I'm not sure when butch counts. The last "butch" I went home with was a bottom.

Um, Houston? Take a look at my icon, dear. I'm no big bad butch myself. Still, how many more stereotypes could you possibly shove in a one minute segment? For a minute I thought it was going to be a parody!

The sexism in your original post is pretty fucking overwhelming, Bil. If you think this kind of behavior is okay, you need to seriously reconsider.

I saw the program, and I didn't take any offense at the use of these two guys in the show. I don't see what the big deal is. Yes, it was pretty obvious that they were gay, but so what? "Gay" covers a lot of territory; how many of the other people in the program were gay? The answer is, you don't know. The main point is that people need to accept people for who they are.

Well, y'know, stereotypes exist because a sizable group of people that there was some element of truth to them ...

Whether you like it or not, some gay men really are nelly. Some lesbians really do enjoy overhauling motorcycle engines. Some black guys really do work as janitors and enjoy nothing better than a nice, cold watermelon when the workday is done.

And bless their hearts, all of them. The world is big enough for even people who fit stereotypes. (And I sure wish I could take a few like the nelly twinkie with the cat in exchange for getting rid of a few of the real bitches in my life.)

P.S. He may be nelly, but check out those biceps! He didn't get those by petting a cat!

gregorybrown | February 24, 2009 9:40 AM

Sorry, Bil--I can't agree that there's anything offensive about these guys, nor bitchy, neither. I suppose some big Bear trucker would be a bit more progressive, but these guys are fine. And where's the "nelly" content? What I see is somebody who's articulate, a survivor, and has both great muscles and a fine cat.