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Help Save LGBT Theatre Gem, About Face Theatre!

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About Face Theatre, one of the only high-profile theatres in the United States which focuses on commissioning and producing work on gender, sexuality, and the queer community, is in danger of closing. The Chicago-based theatre has launched a "Face the Future" Campaign to raise $300,000 to keep their doors open:

About Face Theatre creates exceptional, innovative and adventurous plays to advance the national dialogue on gender and sexual identity If About Face does not survive, the country will lose one of the few high-profile theaters making new work by and about the LGBTQ experience. The award-winning About Face Youth Theater serves queer youth by providing artistic experiences and leadership training. In response to the economic downturn and significant debt, About Face has reduced its budget by over 30% by implementing staff and production cuts while also postponing our third show. This is the responsible action to take, but it is not enough. If you help us raise $300,000, we will solve our immediate crisis and build a foundation for ongoing financial health. Here's what you can do: DONATE NOW

As a person who pays his rent working in the arts, I know first hand how hard the Arts have been hit with this recession. Not only are the performing arts the first things people cut back on when reprojecting their household budgets; the funders, which these art organizations rely on for the rest of their income, have seen their endowments take enormous hits in this financial crisis. It's clear from the higher ups in Congress that the government has no interest in bailing out the arts. It's up to us, the community.

It would break my heart if this amazing theatre goes under due to the irresponsibility of Wall Street. $300,000 sounds like a lot of money. But believe me, all it takes is a few bucks from a bunch of people to pool into real change (double entendre intended). Join me and help save About Face!

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About Face is fantastic! I'm not a theater person, but they are definitely a worthy cause.

i agree! I hope you get everyone you know to donate! We can't lose About Face!

It's always the arts that suffer first. Here in Indy, the city threatened to cut all arts funding to try and balance the budget. The community rallied and while the funding was severely cut, it wasn't eliminated.

The problem now is that Indy just build a brand new football stadium for the Colts that they can't pay for. (The Colts threatened to leave if they didn't get a new stadium. In the agreement they got the rights to everything but the bill for running it.) Now the city wants to levy a "ticket tax" on theaters, museums, and art shows. Seriously.