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How progressive are you?

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 16, 2009 2:30 PM | comments

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The Center for American Progress has a quiz up to determine how progressive you are. Here are my results:


Don't really know how I feel about this... I mean, "progressing" towards what? Then again, I'm glad that they're trying to fight the "We're a center-right nation" bullshit that conservatives use to help ignore the clear left-ward mandate that happened at the polls last November.

What did you all get?

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315/400. My score clearly indicates that I'm still a "recovering Republican". I'll have to make sure to attend the next 12-step meetings!

I'm disturbed that at 384/400 I'm not as progressive as I thought. Must have been that trick question about free trade. Thanks, Alex, I enjoy EVERY post of yours, and will let you know should I ever disagree!!

Haha. You let me know the next time I'm not being progressive enough!

A. J. Lopp | March 16, 2009 6:13 PM

307 --- as progressive as I am, my libertarian background still is in evidence. (I noted that "libertarians" were not represented on the chart showing scores by other groups.) But I am still "more left" than any of the standard groups they charted.

Gotta go! --- my bib overalls and my shotgun are both ready for pick-up at the cleaners.

It reminds me a little of the libertarian test that the party had on their site a while ago that created a 2-dimensional plane, with "social issues" running along one side and "economic issues" on the other. Too few questions, and no space for international policy or thoughts on public works, or a separation of health care and other safety net programs and regulation of business within the "economic" side.

Then again, none of these surveys should be taken too seriously....

Marja Erwin | March 16, 2009 7:57 PM

I took the test some time ago.

I despise the test, its questions, and its results. I am an anarchist, and the test can't handle that.

272. I used to be more progressive. But after seeing Clinton policies work so well, and after seeing the Naderites destroy the party for 8 years, I've left the far left. A lot of what they say is canned ideology and circular logic, which I've been bored with for 10 years.

Don't worry, Wilbur, I'm sure Clinton himself is somewhere around 210. :)


Gosh darn it, Kim, you beat me!

I was 308/400. I'm left/libertarian on the political compass.

237, but I consider myself well to the right, not "progressive" at all. And by Australian standards, I am. If the US average is 208.... wow. You guys have got problems.
Sorry, I consider the test flawed, with results not reflecting reality.

Wolfgang E. B. Wolfgang E. B. | March 17, 2009 5:03 AM

The test is definitely flawed. I scored a mere 312, and I know I'm way further to the left than that. Some really important questions (in my opinion) were conspicuously absent.

That and some people just put "10" or "0" for everything, while others use the whole range and stay away from the extremes, even though they have the same feelings on the topics.

That and who's definition of "progressive" and "conservative" are we using?

Oh, well. It is a neat little toy, though. :)

Marja Erwin | March 17, 2009 5:24 PM

I got in the low 200s and I'm way out on the left. So yeah, that bugged me.

364/400. I tend to see myself as more libertarian than I apparently am.

311. It was about what I thought I'd get.

356. I actually thought I would get higher actually. More on the DS side of things.


Not too bad. Though some of the questions are very USA-citizen centric i'm not sure if that would effect my score at all.

Alex Grigny Alex Grigny | March 17, 2009 5:03 AM

324/400 (I live in Amsterdam, EU)


I had Jerame take the quiz and he scored a 334.

We're just 12 points off on this test, and he thinks we disagree on everything! He and I are partying together again the next time I'm in Indiana. Alcohol solves all political disputes.

I viewed the questions as "Black and White" or "True and False" because the degrees of being a little pregnant don't matter. There were two or three questions, I believe, where I could not answer "True or False" so I think I chose "5" though I could have easily chosen "6" instead. My whole goal in filling out the questionnaire was to prove to myself how progressive/liberal I am and to get a higher score than Alex. Is that wrong?

Anthony in Nashville | March 17, 2009 1:15 PM

I got a 323.

I was "eh" on some of the questions so I answered a 5.