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Obama = Death

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It's been fun noting that Rush Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the GOP right now, what with Republican politician after Republican politician bowing to kiss his feet and groveling for forgiveness if they've insulted him. They know who's in charge, and apparently it's the reactionary, know-nothing, douchey drug addict from Florida.

Media Matters has noted that Rush has taken to calling journalists "butt boys." It's funny that conservatives rail against profanity on the airwaves, but as soon as they get the mike, they're making jokes about underage male-on-male anal rape. Then again, as we've seen repeatedly on many issues - including gay sex, government spending, expanding executive powers, stifling democracy - conservatives generally rail loudly against things that they're doing themselves, often more and worse.

Recently, Rush made a similar comment about how people seem to like Barack Obama, saying that we're being asked to "bend over" and "grab the ankles" because "his father was black." And last year he said, "Democrats will bend over, grab the ankles, and say, 'Have your way with me,' for 10 percent and 2 percent of the population?" He was referring to African Americans and LGBT people.

Something tells me Rush has some anxiety when it comes to sodomy.

There's no doubt about the fact that many men in Western culture are very, very uncomfortable with the idea of sodomy, often associating it, subconsciously, with death. The AIDS epidemic didn't do much to change their minds. Part of the brilliance of "Silence = Death" was that it a great rejoinder to "Sodomy = Death." Whether it was articulately explicitly or implicitly, those activists were working against the idea that it was anal sex that was killing people, that it was people's behavioral choices that were killing them, instead of the silence around the issue.

Rush Limbaugh seems to be going there with greater frequency, though. Sodomy, for the patriarchal male, is one of the worst things he can imagine. Then again, the right's been having a huge meltdown ever since Obama took the oath of office, and Limbaugh's been at the center of that.

I suppose his continued comments about sodomy are going to be coming from that part of his brain that internalized all the "Obama will kill us all" rhetoric of the campaign season.

Now, which Republican will apologize to Limbaugh next? Are they going to distance themselves from him or let him take the whole party down?

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I understand your thinking in this article. It's the title - a little too clever clever. Maybe I'm being oversensitive, but it dredges up a lot of history for little good purpose. It is also a negative association with that history that President Obama doesn't deserve.

David Phillips | March 4, 2009 6:57 PM

Jiminy Christmas! Why must Queers aid and abet in the distortion of ancient Hebrew scriptures to label the act of buggery as "sodomy"? There's no evidence that butt piracy was practiced in the mythical village any more than anywhere else in its land, but fundies pluck out a word used over 800 other times in the Scriptures and make it say something to suit their hatred of Queers. We need not keep perpetrating this fallacy by sharing in the use of the S-word.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | March 4, 2009 10:18 PM

Limbaugh is angry that his party is on the outs and is lobbing ideological bombs in every direction.

It's partisan bickering at it's rawest and ungleiest but it's not important, even as a diversion.

Building a left response to war, bigot pandering and economic chaos independent of the two parties that caused them is important.

Hello, you are missing the obvious: that Rush is afraid of someone popping his anal cysts. Maybe you think I'm being flippant, but he actually got out of service in Viet Nam because of an anal cyst. I'm not joking.

Check it here:

I think you're right, Alex. Rush is a f--king idiot. Remember when he used to rail against drug addicts? I just don't want him on our team though...