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Queer music Friday - Right Said Fred

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While you probably remember them for "I'm Too Sexy," the pop track that became quintessential to modeling montages in B-rate movies and TV shows, Right Said Fred actually has a pretty long-running career. Here's their 2007 remake of that old Peter Sarstedt song, "Where do you go to, my Lovely?":

Bisexual musician Richard Fairbrass jumped front and center in the LGBT news two years ago when he was attacked at Moscow Pride, where he performed. After the jump, Fairbrass discusses people threatened by bisexual pop singers.

"We've never travelled with security in Moscow, Latvia, any of the old eastern bloc countries, but I have to say I wouldn't... travel now without having our own security guys with us, no," he said.

"When it was over I actually felt more sorry for the guy that whacked me than I did for me... How threatened can he be, how insecure is he to be threatened by a bisexual pop singer who's most famous for singing 'I'm too sexy'?"

Bonus after-the-jump video! Here's the groups remake of "I'm Too Sexy." I guess they knew that someone else was going to update it for the times and it would take away from the "I'm Too Sexy" empire, so voila.

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"Where do you go to, my Lovely?" has always been one of my favourite guilty pleasures. Just enough of a hint of a sexist put-down, as in: You, a woman, can surely never be happy in this fabulous life you've created for yourself, the singer seems to imply, and you are doomed to a tragic death -- the song is supposed to be about a woman he knew and who did, in fact die in a fire. Well, it's also supposed to be about Sophia Loren... anyway, to repeat, definitely a guilty pleasure.

But still a song I find myself returning to in my head quite often. This video rendition's quite interesting as is the story about Fairbass's experience in Moscow. update. Now I can't get "Where do you go to, my lovely?" out of my head, and it's been nearly two days. Alex Blaze, you have so much to answer for :-)

Hahahhahaha. I take no responsibility for getting songs stuck in people's heads with QMF. It's somewhere in the terms of service. :)