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Support LGBT Issues and Look Good Doing It!

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Editor's Note: Guest blogger Amber Crowder is an Indiana native and a writer by trade. When she's not discussing LGBT issues she is writing science fiction and working as a telecom researcher.

ambercrowder.jpgDr. Rodney Anderson has been a Godsend for the Indianapolis LGBT community. His dedication to his patients is as unfaltering as it is amazing; he runs an independent outfit dedicated to patient care, and it shows in the way he treats his patients. His attention to AIDS patients, transgender health issues, and other LBGT issues is nearly unmatched in the Indianapolis area.

And, as one of his patients, I can attest to this fact. Dr. Anderson has been an immense help in my transition, offering both moral and medical support the entire way. Every time I see him he gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek - what other doctor is going to do that? - and he is always, always supportive of his patients. From my first visit he made every effort to make me comfortable, even going so far as to tell me about his coming-out experience to make me feel more comfortable.

I have never had an "in and out" visit with Dr. Anderson; he takes time to get at the root of the problem, whatever it may be, and has no issue with going the extra mile to assure that the problem will be fixed. When I came in to learn how to give myself estrogen injections he sat me down with a nurse to talk about what I was about to do. (Said nurse, btw, is now a close friend of mine, and someone whose life choices I respect dearly.) When my family found out about my transition, Dr. Anderson sat me down for a long, supportive chat. He was truly and honestly concerned about me - not just my health, but me. The person. I have never had that in a doctor before.

Recent changes in health care laws have severely hurt Dr. Anderson's revenues. His office often doesn't charge for services rendered, or takes only what insurance gives out as payment for services. While this helps to make specialized health care available to needy patients, tough economic times and health care rule changes are making it harder and harder to survive. Dr. Anderson's office runs with minimal staff who are all dedicated to providing health care to everyone, no matter how destitute they may be. A researcher, studying the volume of patients coming through the building, once commented that "This isn't supposed to be possible with a staff this small." But they manage, and they do so with love.

The Cut-a-Thon is a chance to give back to what is, in my opinion, one of the best LGBT institutions in Indianapolis. Ask around and you'll hear dozens and dozens of stories about Dr. Anderson's practice: of how how no hour is too late to call; of how he always, always makes sure his patients have the care they need; or the way he glows when he says "you're worth every minute I spend with you." He gives everything he has to the community and deserves every bit of praise he receives.

Furthermore, the stylists in charge of the haircuts are no slouches. I can personally vouch for Dan's skills, as I see him every month or so for a trim. (If he can make a big, burly gal like me look good, imagine what he can do with you!) They're asking for a minimum $5.00 donation, though any donations are welcome. They are also asking for any unused prescription medications you may have around the house to be donated for proper handling. Trust me when I say that it's a worthy cause.

Please contact Dee 968-0409 and reserve an appointment for April 15th. The event will take place at 1300 N. Pennsylvania Avenue. Every little bit helps!

Hope to see you there!


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This is a great cause. Dr. Anderson has been amazing. I can't say enough about him and I wish he could be cloned to serve every trans client in the country. I hope there is a good turn out. I will at least donate some $$ and some unused prescriptions.