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The homosexual agenda, explained

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"'But again why is it so important for us to stop people from becoming gay?'--a participant asked. It's very important because the homosexual agenda is to turn the whole world gay."

--Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively on the global homosexual agenda

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Lynn David Lynn David | March 14, 2009 1:21 AM

Lively, Schmierer and Brundidge export the anti-gay therapies to Uganda (Schmierer may be a member of an Anglican Church in California which is allied with the Ugandan Anglican archdiocese) and likely it's all for the money. Trouble is the lives of sexual minorities in Uganda are at risk as there homosexuality is a 9 (?) year sentence and some sexual acts can get you life. Now they want to make sexual therapies to be manditory for those convicted of homosexuality. And these Americans likely involved themselves for the money.... sound quite Christian doesn't it.

Read the other articles Jim Burrroway has reference at the bottom of his piece.

They should be barred from returning, and anytime Conservative Anglicans or Roman Catholics attack us, we should immmediately respond by tying them to the laws that they lobbied for and endorsed in Uganda and Nigeria.