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Queer music Friday - Dresden Dolls

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 17, 2009 5:00 PM | comments

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Unlike vaudeville, cabaret will never die. This is a seriously awesome song from the Dresden Dolls, "Missed Me," featuring the bisexual Amanda Palmer and the "passionate about cross-dressing" Brian Viglione.

Amanda Palmer, speaking with Chicago Pride about how everyone's bi:

AP: The fans know, but it's not something that I go around preaching about. For anyone who's ever asked me, I tell them, And for my fans who follow my story, they know it. I'm a heavy blogger, so that's another way that people know. But I never discuss my actual sex life because that would be rude to whomever I'm involved with. I'm bi, and so is everyone else. I don't think twice about it.

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I love The Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer but that "and so is everyone else" makes my eyes roll. Don't project on me, Amanda.

My Alcoholic Friends and Girls Anachronism are also wonderful, as is The Perfect Fit.

I've seen them in concert on no less than three occasions. Every time they have been the best show i've ever seen. ;)

I'd imagine they have a great live show.

I've never been sure about her. She seems to use trans lives as shock material sometimes (Half Jack, Sex Changes), and I'm not sure I like that. (But I've never been a big enough fan to go read her blog or interviews so I could have missed something.)

Actually, the song 'Half Jack' is about Amanda Palmer's father, not about transgender people.