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Same Sex Sunday on Twitter

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Bil and I were IMing the other day about the usual stuff (boys, politics and social media) when we hit on a great idea: Same Sex Sunday on Twitter.

The concept is pretty simple. Its #followfriday gone gay, gay, gay.

Each Sunday recommend LGBT people or organizations on Twitter that you think others should be following. Say a few words to describe the people/groups, link to their Twitter account and end with the hashtag #samesexsunday.

Example: Mad, bad and fabulous to know: @bilerico @jerame @buffawhat @bilericodc #samesexsunday

This will be a great way to connect and share info with other LGBT people. Same Sex Sunday begins this coming Sunday.

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Great idea! It's worth looking at what can be learned from #women2follow (on Wednesdays), which has about a month of experimentation so far with a similar idea, and other hashtags. For example, it's worth thinking about to get enough critical mass to get the hashtag into the top 10. #rword did this turning a Twitter chat, where a dozen active chatters supplemented the steady stream on the hashtag. Not sure if that's the right answer for #samesexsunday right out of the box, but it's someting to keep in mind for the future.

bigolpoofter | April 3, 2009 11:43 AM

but, but, but.... Sunday is for a fabulous brunch following a hard-grinding Saturday night. How does one tweet with one hand on a Bloody Mary or mimosa?

...perhaps the same way I've been tweeting with an IV in my arm?


Wyatt O'Brian Evans | April 4, 2009 1:10 PM


I like it, I like it, I...

great idea. #samesexsunday don't forget #swbc Smart Women Bar & Cafe on Tuesdays, from 9p eastern, 6p pacific. tweetchat for glbt womyn and supporters @robinjp