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Strange films of the 30s and 40s

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Editors' Note: As a sex expert (Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, M.P.H. in Human Sexuality), an author and a sex-and-relationships expert, guest blogger Gloria Brame has helped thousands of individuals with sex and relationships issues. Dr. Brame is a licensed clinical sexologist.

Found four great vintage movie posters for 30s and 40s shockers. The films pretend to decry immorality while cashing in on it. Ah, America!

First, from a 1933 jewel featuring Betty Grable.


From 1938: even as people were horrified by the mere idea of child brides, they were also throbbing over it.


By the 40s, King Kong apparently had a profound effect on some people's sexual fantasies.


Shouldn't the warning about fainting have gone on the ape sex movie? This one's from 1945.


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throbbing drama? love that. I want these posters. where can I get them???

Sara, for a quick "fix" and fun, go to GOOGLE and do an advanced search (filter off), and try this in search box:

"movie posters" 1931

After a few tries it seemed easier to go year by year. I LOVE this kind of stuff. Wild stuff on film before the HAYS CODE.

That's it! I'm naming my band Shackled Youth!

Fun stuff. I want to see these movies!

I'd like to know how much innocence goes for now. Obviously there's been inflation since 1933...