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Talbott Street jumps the shark, but it's a tiny one...

Filed By Jerame Davis | April 30, 2009 4:23 PM | comments

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Yesterday I got an invitation via Facebook from Talbott Street for an upcoming event they're promoting. I first saw the invitation in my email notifications from Facebook, which are text only. Here's what it said:

On Thursday May 7th, Talbott Street is bringing to Indianapolis for the first time, a show that should not be missed...... Micro Wrestling, yes indeed folks, Micro Wrestling!!!

Of course, since Talbott Street is a gay dance bar, I wonder, "What the hell? What is Micro Wrestling and why would it be coming to Talbott Street?" So I clicked the link to take me to Facebook to see the full event. That's when things got weird...

Upon first glance, I think my initial thought that "Micro Wrestling" being dwarf (midget for the politically incorrect among us) wrestling is wrong. Check out the photo that goes along with this promotion.


Wanna see it in context? Here's a link to the event on Facebook.

Well - maybe this "Micro Wrestling" is interesting after all, right? So now I'm thinking the "Micro" is referring to the state of dress of the wrestlers. That would certainly fit in with an event at the local gay bar anyway.

It turns out, I was right the first time - it's dwarf wrestling. Seriously. At the gay bar. WTF?! This immediately begs two questions:

1. What the hell does dwarf wrestling have to do with a gay dance bar? Is this really the right demographic for this type of event?

2. Why the hell is Talbott Street using full-size, scantily clad, hot men to promote dwarf wrestling? Are the dwarfs not attractive enough for them or are they just cravenly misrepresenting this event?

I think having dwarf wrestling at a gay dance bar is absurd and off the mark, but promoting it with images of hot guys instead of a representative image of a dwarf - or even wrestling in general - is just crass and unseemly. If Talbott Street is so excited to bring this event to town, why do they need to misrepresent it to the masses?

What do you think?

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Talk about tasteless. I don't know how things are in Indiana, but here in Texas the religious right thinks we're perverted enough with by having drag shows. Would hate to see the possible uproar that would be caused by this so-called micro wrestling.

A. J. Lopp | May 3, 2009 4:27 PM

Jerame doesn't mention it, but Talbott Street is the premier performance drag bar in Indy --- perhaps Jerame didn't mention it because it isn't necessarily relevant, but your comment might make it more so ...

"Micro wrestling" might be tasteless ... but maybe they did this because it was safer than having the drag queens do the wrestling --- with egos and tempers like those, that could likely become an uncontrollable fight to the death.

The poster in the Talbott Street ladies' room was appropriate. I figure it's just oen of those one-off promotions -- they needed a place to roost, and paid good money to be there.\

Honestly, i kind of want to go. o.o