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Thank You, Adidas, for Gifting Me Shirtless Athletes

Filed By Prince Gomolvilas | April 23, 2009 4:30 PM | comments

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I don't know who came up with the idea for Adidas' new marketing campaign, but he or she should be heaped with praise. The Super 14 Jersey Swap website features soccer players (at least I think they're soccer players - I'm not sure - I'm gay!), who not only revel in their shirtlessness but who are also part of an interactive game that involves you commanding them to swap jerseys - as if these fine men were nothing more than common whores. (What? No, you've never bought the services of common whores before and asked them to swap clohthes? No? Live a little, would you?)


If you go to the Super 14 Jersey Swap website and click on "Watch the Video," the five featured athletes will seductively strip off their jerseys to expose their hot soccer bodies for absolutely no reason at all!

If you click on "A Game for the Ladies" (ha ha, for the "ladies," ha ha, yeah, right!), you can pick which two players you would like to see swap jerseys. Then they'll do so right before your very eyes, while what sounds like porn music plays in the background! And then you may elect to see the "Slo-mo Replay!"

There's also a contest in which you can win the fabulous prize of swapping your jersey with a player's at a live soccer game! Bring your digital camera!

Oh, Adidas, you treat me so well and inspire me to learn more about sports.

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Hilariously, the Adidas marketing manager was surprised to hear of the huge gay following this ad has attracted. He's pretty pleased about it though.

The sport here is actually rugby. It's more like NFL but for those who like their sports rough and dirty.

Surprised, my ass. The "A Game for the Ladies" title is intended to sanitize the perception of these players of any homoeroticism. It's contrived.

I don't play games or buy products that are excluding me through implication.

As I noted above, the marketing manager was pleased. To be more specific, he went on record telling a gay website that the gay following was "fantastic". Link here: That speaks against an intention to sanitise.

Unless you're in the unusual position of having an understanding of the interface between New Zealand rugby culture and marketing then I don't think any such sanitisation can be reasonably assumed. Frankly I'd be surprised if any element of homoeroticsm occurred to the people involved, even if it looks astoundingly obvious to us.

John Shields John Shields | April 24, 2009 10:05 AM

Hilarious~! From just the picture, my gaydar says: Gay, gay, straight, gay (just doesn't know it yet), steroid straight...

delectable - five sexy men taking their shirts off for me (while i am at work!). i didn't dare turn my sound on, but maybe after everyone else is gone.

and of course they didn't have a clue that gay men would love this (nudge,nudge,wink,wink).