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Womanizer sign language interpreter "speaks"

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Have you seen the hot, hot, hot videos by sign language interpreter Michael DiMartino? The YouTube sensation has taken the net by storm with his sexy music videos that not only has great dance moves, but also interprets the entire song in sign language.


Hunk du Jour scored an interview with the YouTube star that gives quite a bit of background information on the hottie and his crazy cool videos. Clip from the interview and two of his videos after the jump.

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: To a complete newbie, we might assume that you're just doing a literal translation of each word... when really you're doing more reconstruction of entire ideas in sign language.

Michael DiMartino: Right. Even the word womanizer. Throughout the song I never actually say "womanizer" -- there is no sign in existence for a womanizer. I had to break it down "Your plan is to meet many women and take advantage of them. How? by sleeping with them, and leaving them." Luckily, it made for a cool dance. (smiles)

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: You released another video last week too, correct?

Michael DiMartino: Yes, thats right. If You Seek Amy, by Britney Spears

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Ahh, yes! So that's an interesting song in that if you hear someone SAYING "If You Seek Amy" it's quite a different effect than if you're just reading it on a page (or seeing it signed, I imagine.)

Michael DiMartino: Right. There is definitely the acronym for an obsenity that everyone has become aware of. When I first thought about doing the song I struggled with that.

As an interpreter I had to figure out how to put the MEANING of the song (the obscenity, the sexual undertone) without losing the gimmick of the song's phrase "If you Seek Amy." I decided to play with the idea of a girl named amy leaving me a note in bed, and chasing her throughout the video. And using a split screen to sign the two phrases "If You Seek Amy" and "F U * K Me"

Be sure to check out the entire interview at Hunk du Jour.

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And he's gay, too!

Some lucky bitch is gonna get him ;D

tobyhannabill | April 16, 2009 5:09 PM

It's about time someone else recognized this guys talent. I have been a subscriber to him on youtube for several years now. I am learning sign language and his videos are a great help. On youtube he uses the name "Captainlover". He also does some political videos that are very inspiring as well.
p.s. He's really easy on the eyes as well.

Great stuff. YouTube's such a great way to display non-mainstream talent.