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Anyone Have a Face Mask?

Filed By Mike Rogers | May 07, 2009 11:30 AM | comments

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Note from Bil: The picture and video were hosted on Mike's site, BlogActive, which seems to be down. We'll get it back up as soon as we can.

Oy. This guy. Let's just say he clearly has some very strong (V-E-R-Y strong) personal feelings on this issue. At one point I thought of saying to him, "relax girlfriend, oh I just love your bright pink pink tie." (It's levity people)

It's at the 2:45 mark that he expresses that he'd like to take me outside and punch me in the face.

As I write this, I'm on the phone with my cousin, star of an NYC amateur hockey league team. Maybe I should ask him to send me some hockey gear to protect myself from this guy's attack.

I'm curious. Should I write a formal letter of complaint to the station? It's owned by the local ABC affiliate.

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You did a terrific job of pointing out that man's Republican water-carrying. And he trotted out Camille Paglia! Who's every right-wing nutjob's favorite "feminist."

He should be fired, but you're just infantile in this post.

Implying he's gay? Grow up.

Well, my Closet Case Detector is certainly going off. LOL

I'm curious Mike, was this show you were on a local talk show, a news program, or something else? This guy was so clearly and obviously biased I can't imagine him seeming credible as a journalist.

Interesting how the female host seemed far more objective than the guy, so I'm wondering if this was being presented as news, opinionated talk, or informational.

I'd definitely contact the station. They probably won't do anything about it as long as his show gets ratings, but perhaps a few interviews with the local papers where the show is based about the segment might have a positive impact? Just imagine the headline possibilities!

Neither host has even seen the film. Pink tie guy is loosing his mind and fidgety. "A group of people"? Why not watch the film first to decide how outraged [[ha! you see what i did there]] he will actually BE first is beyond me.

It's like a small child SCREAMING I hate SPINACH with never having tried spinach.

Endorsing hypocritical legislation, is endorsing hypocritical legislation. Done. Be it a CA Beauty Queen, Miss USA Runner Up or my old State of Alaska Governor "abstinence" guru to the HUGE umbrella ellla ella LGBTQRXYZs.

Out the fucker.

It's not "nice" - but really... om nom, rofl, lol, iawt, afaics: I really don't find that the majority of priviliged people are paying that much attention any way.

Everyone has an agenda. The agenda being... I'm RIGHT.
Or a confused and seriously jumbled...
At least that is what I'm suppose to say or believe. Right?

Middle ground almost seems impossible.

This is exactly why my goal has been more focused on tolerance - rather then acceptance. I can tolerate TONS.

I have five teens.

Do I need to accept BS?

Can I tolerate BS?
I'm a half Latina, red haired, parochial school survivor and vet, lesbian mother of five...

I was born, raised and lived in bullshit.

Put another ribbon on me and let's call a parade.
**eye roll**

Personally, I would just rather hit the pinata w/out a mask and scramble for the candy.

Shameful what some fifth rate news anchors will do for attention. You handled him beautifully, Mike, giving him all the rope he needed to hang himself.

Mike Rogers does a terrific job. The guy in the pink tie is a big mouthed bully, a bigot of the very worst sort. The anchor, his station, town and network affiliation should be clearly identified. I would write a letter about his rude and obnoxious behavior. Mike does a service to everyone when he "outs" hypocrisy. I hope he continues and I hope he gets full credit for his part in the movie.

Doug McKelway is the anchor in the pink tie
By Mail
NewsChannel 8
1100 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22209

christophe | May 7, 2009 10:53 PM

Seems like he's taking the theme of the movie a little too personally!!!!!

Ron Glenn | May 8, 2009 12:55 PM

I noticed that too... I was waiting for Mike to ask him "What's wrong? Is the topic hitting a little too close to home for ya?" Unfortunately, that would have probably prompted violence out of him since he was already in a fighting mood (obviously).

I don't know if this McKelway guy is closeted or not, but merely talking about outing sure did seem to make him squirm a bit, didn't it?

Sue Hyde | May 8, 2009 1:39 PM

Mike, please make a formal complaing to station management and to any other authority w/ jurisdiction in the matter, including FCC. His verbal threat to you is way out of bounds and he needs to hear about it from his boss and his boss's boss and on up.

If I remember correctly, News Channel 8 is a cable channel, and therefore not regulated by the FCC. And at least when I was in DC, Doug had other anchor duties on a network affiliate; so while that behavior might fly on local cable, it should not stand there.

I don't think I've ever seen a non-opinion/non-personality host ever be so overtly partisan in an interview as this. And threatening physical violence is **way** out of professional and personal bounds, clearly worthy of a public apology from the anchor.

I don't know what the point of them even doing the interview was since he barely let Mike get a word in edgewise.

outing is a very difficult thing to get behind in some cases. it's certainly appropriate when gay people are making anti-gay laws and hiding their sexuality from the world at the same time.

i was appalled when the anchor even hinted at physical violence. are we sure this is a network-owned station and not one that's aligned with fox?