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Austin goes full time

Filed By Bil Browning | May 22, 2009 12:00 PM | comments

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Congratulations to Bilerico-Indiana's Austin Crowder! Austin announced this morning that she is living full-time as a woman now. Congratulations!_0907.jpgShe was worried about her employment situation, but even in Indianapolis her new employer accepted her transition without batting an eye.

I wasn't expecting to go full-time so soon. In fact, up until a week ago I wasn't slated to start until November. I figured it would take me that long to find a quality job with a good company, and in the meantime I'd have to slog it out as a male.
The whole disclosure process was painless. I told my HR manager about the issue, she asked when I wanted to start dressing as a woman, and that was that. I'm still amazed at how simple the process was - for all I heard I was fully prepared for procedural meetings, requests for proof, every little nit to pick under the sun. But the response was resounding: We Want Your Skills.

Please join me in wishing Austin well in her transition. Head on over to her post on Bilerico-Indiana and leave her a supportive comment, won't you? It's a big day today!

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Alex Grigny Alex Grigny | May 22, 2009 1:12 PM

Congrats :)

Congratulations to you, Austin! And to your enlightened bosses and colleagues as well.

Congratulations, Austin! As someone who had pretty much the same experience when I went full time I know the fear and joy that it entails.

The ride ain't over yet, though. Enjoy!

Congrats, Austin! I spent most of my childhood in Indy. I'm so happy you are able to be yourself in a comfortable environment and make a life for yourself on your own terms.


I see that cat and can't help thinking, "I came!"

*puts down 4chan for the day*

Seriously, thanks. :)

Can't leave note. I am not recognized by THAT 'movable type.'

Brava Chica!!! I had the same sort of suprise when I was hired 2 yrs ago as an out (as if there was a choice with reference checks & FBI investigation)Trans lesbian in a Psychiatric Prison Facility for Men. Just keep on remembering to breathe and keep on keepin on. And give them all time, they will get over it. Luck and Love to you.

YAY Austin! woot woot, way to go!

Congratulations on a hard-won victory, and many more to come.

This is a BIG DAY in your life that you will long remember. The day I transitioned was February 2nd, 1973, and it seems like yesterday. It's wonderful that you have an enlightened employer, and that will certainly make it easier for you, but there will be wonderful days ahead for you, and there will be some challenging ones. Know that your friends associated with Bilerico are pulling for you.

You go, Girl!