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Got a Kindle? Get The Bilerico Project

Filed By Jerame Davis | May 14, 2009 7:30 PM | comments

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Just a quick announcement for the Kindle owners out there. You can now subscribe to The Bilerico Project on your Kindle. You'll be able to read the full site right in your Kindle for the insanely low price of $1.99 per month.

That's right. Full articles, not just previews. No ads. Quietly downloaded to your Kindle throughout the day for just $1.99 per month. We'll be adding the Florida, Indiana and DC sites to the Kindle store shortly as well.

While you're there, don't forget you can also get the fantastic Pam's House Blend on your Kindle too. Make sure you subscribe to both.

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Kindle isn't interactive, but the New York Times Electronic edition isn't either. Find a way to hire real journalists, and I'll drop my NYT subscription and pick up yours. Thing is, you gotta find a platform that does not make me put another box in my backpack.

By real I meant full time with a paycheck. No slight toward the fine writers here intended.

Greg, why does the presence of a paycheck determine whether or not one is a "real" journalist? There are plenty of non-paid mediamakers who produce work as high-quality as that of those who are paid. Does the presence of a paycheck or lack thereof somehow determine the quality of the content you read? If so, how?

Your argument makes no sense to me.

Less what Rebecca said (though I tend to agree with her) but, if we're thinking about this logically, wouldn't it stand to reason that if you (and others) paid for the content, we could afford to give folks a check for their work?

Newspapers are dying because people are going to the Internet and getting for free what they used to have to pay for. Already "real" journalists are losing their jobs because of the very attitudes behind what you espouse.

Many of those "real" journalists have started blogs to continue their professions. I guess they aren't "real" journalists anymore and we shouldn't try to support them financially. Is the line really a paycheck?

Bil, the founder of this blog, majored in Journalism in college. He worked as a stringer for newspapers several times in his life. Karen Ocamb's worked for CBS and NBC and a few newspapers. Matt Comer is the editor of an LGBT newspaper in NC.

I'm not sure how to decide when those folks are or are not journalists under those guidelines.

It's circular logic to say you won't pay us until we have paid journalists. How are we supposed to pay those journalists with little to no income because the content is expected to be free?

Cool. Thanks for the heads up.

I love my Kindle, but don't know if I need to read stuff on it that I can read on my computer. I spend my life at my computer, so it makes sense to read Bilerico and PHB right here.

For now, Kindle is for books because Kindle books are cheaper than paper ones (and I'm saving a tree).

Off to find out what Kindle is... is that the sound of Rob finding a new gadget???