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Olbermann vs. Stewart

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 14, 2009 6:30 PM | comments

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That video of Keith Olbermann dissembling Miss California's "arguments" has been making its way around the LGBT blogosphere, but I didn't post it here I just thought he was coming at the whole thing from the wrong perspective. His video's after the jump, but Jon Stewart expresses most of my thoughts on this topic a lot better than I could. What do you all think?

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While most of what Olbermann says is right, I just can't get past the fact that we're talking about what's really a dog show with women contestants run by one of the countries most ridiculous human beings. I don't see how we are expected to divorce Prejeans comments from the sexist context in which they were spoken, but I guess if you really want to respond to them, line-by-line, then this would be how to do it.

And about Shanna Moakler quitting Miss USA to be a better "role model for my children," jeez, she already worked for Miss USA when it was just demeaning to women. Her revelation that maybe the Miss USA competition isn't about bettering the next generation of American girls seems a little late.

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Such a beautiful mind, and such an ugly spirit. Say what you want about her "freedom of speech" it does not give her a pass on freedom from criticism. She is now more famous than she would have ever been, and she is an lying hypocrite. I did topless shots, but I was totally tricked. Is she really that dumb, or does she think we are?

While Jon Stewart is a riot and always is, I LOVED Olbermann's WTF take on Carrie. I know I'm not the only one who wants to leap threw the screen and squeeze her little peanut, holier-than-thou head 'til her eyes pop out.

God and Satan. Perez's crude little statement about her as so correct. And someone should have informed her during that press conference that she had a little Trump jizz on her dress.

I was actually quite disappointed in Jon Stewart on this one. He didn't bring up Carrie's involvement with NOM or her incessant whining about her freedom of speech being trampled. He seems to be with the Donald on this one...she didn't say anything that bad at the pageant so whatever.