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Strange Day

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Strange day today... all around.

A friend who is always loud and exuberant was quiet and reserved on a phone call. Hmmm.

I read a financial update that looked very good, in light of the economy. Hmmmm.

I had to instruct my middle son to NOT leave his "cup" on the table. Or the kitchen counter. Or anywhere, except his room. Yikes.

And earlier, I was sitting in my office. It was about 4pm. Suddenly, I heard a man's voice in my living room. At first, I assume it's Walter. The front door was open, as it always is... I stand up. There is a man I don't know standing in my living room.


Is this the open house?

My first thought is, can you see what a mess it is?

No, it's not.

My favorite, privileged white male response- Are you sure?



He turns and leaves and I have to say, in my almost 25 years here, I have never, ever had anyone just walk in the door.

Very strange.

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My favorite, privileged white male response- Are you sure?
That says it all.

gregorybrown | May 8, 2009 10:39 AM

And I've heard it SO MANY times in SO MANY situations--at work, in stores.... Some guys have even tried to press it, wanting to push into the space to prove they're right and I'm wrong. Is this a peculiarly American thing ?

I would flip my shit if someone walked in our house. Don't you lock your doors?

I'd run for my 12 gauge if that happened to me. Strange, uninvited, men in a trans persons house is rarely a good thing. I wouldn't point it at him and I'd be sure he saw I had it before I confronted him.

The paranoia that has crept into my being since I transitioned disturbs me, yet I see no cure for it. At least not in the near term.