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Dana Rudolph

Gay Dads Get a Lift at IKEA

Filed By Dana Rudolph | June 06, 2009 10:00 AM | comments

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Tags: IKEA, inclusion, Massachusetts

One more reason I love IKEA. Actual photo from the IKEA in Stoughton, Mass. (Slight color correction, but otherwise not Photoshopped.)

And yes, there was another elevator next to it with a "man" and a "woman" and a child—or at least that's what I assume they were intended to be. One of the figures was in a dress. Interpret it as you will. (And I know this crowd will.) That seemed less extraordinary, however, and since my son was dragging me away for meatballs, I didn't grab a photo.


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too awesome.

And I'd interpret the other one to be a drag queen, a cowgirl who has to wear pants for her job, and a particularly long-legged penguin. If they're just stick figures, why not let our imaginations run wild?

A penguin? It's a slippery slope, Alex...

And when did you become so funny? I leave for a little while and come back to you cracking jokes and posting about celebrity feuds!! It's like Bizarro-Bilerico! ;)

I told you he had it in him! Alex is a laugh riot in person and on the phone. Seriously.

VERY cool elevator doors! But now I've got penguins on my mind. Maybe that's the two gay penguins and their chick?

I LOVE THIS! And I love your comment, "Interpret it as you will." LOL. So true. So right.

IKEA has always had the "gays". Even the dykes. There is a GREAT t-shirt that I wore to NY Pride years and years ago... DIKEA.


Here is an old flier I picked up describing one of the furniture products at the time:


It screamed HOMO at the time to me and I had a running dialog of pick up lines in my head.

So how you liking the movie "The Last Samurai"? Tom Cruise is quite the actor isn't he?
You look tired? You want to lay down?

Then it just cuts to the next morning in Shadyside and they are out having pancakes at a cool restaurant in the Burgh.

A. J. Lopp | June 6, 2009 12:19 PM

To resolve all these ambiguities, I suggest that maybe the stick figures should be anatomically correct ...

... no, forget that, bad idea, some things should be left to the imagination, for people to mis-interpret as they please.

(Actually, I think the short one is Mini-Me from Austin Powers and he is holding hands with Julie Andrews playing her male persona in Victor/Victoria ... and, forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but logic dictates, then, that the adult figure to the right must be Dick Van Dyke.)

tobyhannabill | June 7, 2009 1:23 AM


This commercial showed in the NYC and maybe other areas a few years ago. I have loved Ikea ever since.