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Homophobia is positive discrimination

Filed By Bil Browning | June 13, 2009 8:30 AM | comments

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Tags: anti-gay Christians, homophobic behavior, Leroy Swailes, unhinged raving

Anti-gay minister Minister Leroy Swailes speaks at the Washington, DC Board of Elections meeting yesterday. Remember, boys and girls, you're only human "if you deal with the opposite sex." Good to know, Leroy. Thanks for that.

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It's always the same, some blow-mouth Christian telling lies in order to give his belief credence. Leroy Swailes is nothing more than a propagandist for the suppression of freedom in the worst way. The pedophile argument is well documented as being committed by those closest to the children, with the lone individuals out there that are true predators. Where is Leroy's proof to back up his lies.

Any claim to freedom can only be exercised if you are willing to let yourself sheepishly agree with the deception of faith in one supreme entity of arrogance. People have, through history of the one god belief system, separated themselves from Mother Earth, the one true giver of life to all that exists.
We have people all over the world claiming their many and varied religions, which are basically the same, to be the only way one should live their lives by. A load of crap and then some! What supreme male arrogance! Christian, Muslim, Jewish it doesn't matter! It doesn't matter which flavor it is the message is the same, they all ascribe to the dominance of men over women, with rigid order of dominance toward one dominate male communing mystically to his imaginary male entity. Why people in this day and age cannot get their collective heads around the idea that no one has the answer to the creation of the cosmos but that we do owe our existence to Mother Earth is very troubling.

The institution of religion, being around as long as it has and surviving an earlier age of ignorance, keeps its power by exploiting young minds while they are in the questioning stage. People refuse to question this fiction! Since they were programmed into it themselves in the same fashion they do to their own children shat was done to them. There can never be a true equality and or freedom until people come to the realization that those who seek power over others do so by way of deception. It's easy for them to continue on with the illusion as long as there are weak minds willing to accept, what for them is an easy answer that needs no confirmation. This is the power of the institution of religion an why people in positions of power let it be practiced, what an easy way to keep control of the masses!

This is the absolute funniest thing I heard all day. I _lost it_ when he talked about penetrating Mother Nature.

Someone should teach this guy what a syllogism is, since he's going to get all high and mighty on the way things have always been.

Ouch. His mind closed right on my finger. I hate when that happens.

The bigger question is why someone like this even received the platform to spew his hate? Ignorance isn't bliss, it's dangerous. This lunatic is living proof.