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So many of you send me great links to articles or events that I'd love to blog about, but never find the time. Here's some of the best ones to land in the inbox lately that I haven't shared yet.

Got something of your own that you'd like Projectors to see? Use the comments section to blogwhore to your heart's content.

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Cool thanks for the pointers, checked 'em out, keep 'em coming.
Facebook thing... yeah cool
Confused reporters.... yeah, happens all the time but sad.
Derailing for Dummies... tragically hip
California... becoming the 4th Reich? wouldn't want to live there.
Gay wedding table... should have said same sex wedding table since lesbians and bi folk have been rumored to also engage in same sex marriage.
IFD.....too bad something so new is so old fashioned and non inclusive can't get into it the little boy should grow up and recognize the multifaceted nature of our community.
At college..... nothing surprising there but I wish that they could have included something about bi men and not just bi women.

Hi Rob,

My name is Nathan Manske and I'm the creator of I'm always trying to find ways to improve the site, so I'd love to hear how you think I could be more inclusive. The site currently has stories from men and women, from Idaho to Italy, from black and white, from 17-year-olds to 70-year-olds, and stories with topics ranging from coming out to adopting dogs. I even have the normal written stories as well as Video Stories and Illustrated Stories (Featured Artists).

If I'm missing something, I would genuinely love to hear any feedback you might have, so please contact me directly:

Kind regards,

Nathan, I did just that and have sent an email to you about it.
Thanks for being willing to listen.

Rob, just curious - what about IFD isn't inclusive? I've seen stories from gay men, lesbians, bi men, bi women, and people on every continent. No stories from transgendered folks (I don't think...), but I'd bet he hasn't gotten a submission from that part of the LGBT acronym yet.

It is simple the front page when I went there did not use LGBT or the words bisexual and transegender. It was only described as lesbian and gay.
That is not community inclusion that is gaywashing. Perhaps, were he to make bisexuals and transgendered people feel included and welcomed there would be offerings from the transgendered part of our community. May there would be more stories from bi people also.

Fair enough, but you're passing a sweeping judgment on the entire site and its creator based on terminology rather than actual content, since he does seem to include stories from everyone.

If changing the wording would make bisexuals and transgendered people feel more included, that's a good point to make. This just seemed unnecessarily hypercritical, and based on a cursory glance of the site. I guess that's all I'm protesting.

I think the problem stems from the fact that some people have started using "gay" interchangably with "GLBT" just out of convenience, while others stick to its more limiting definition. It would be nice if we could create a new term perfectly synonymous with "GLBT," if only so that it would roll off the tongue better.

Someone call Merriam.

OK so I went back and instead of just reading the article linked here I went and looked through the study.
The study does address gay and bisexual men and the author of the article decided to cut bisexual men fro the article and only say nice things about gay men. Kind of a slime ball way to approach it IMO.

Nothing short of total outrage at the thought of adovcating voilence against ANY child is sufficient!

Rick Sours | June 6, 2009 8:40 AM

Food for Thought:

The Pro Proposition Eight supporters in California
say they are so for families and children.
One group the Christian Defense Alliance spent
thirty five million dollars on theto get Proposition Eight passed.

Just think what thirty million dollars could
have done to help families and children in
California if it had gone to a charity.