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What a week I had with Bilerico... My post on the 10 reasons why a march on Washington was a bad idea led to interviews with Sirius OutQ News and the Advocate. It also got me a call from Cleve Jones; he'll be responding to my criticisms with his own guest post on Monday. Other stories and topics got me interviews with the Indianapolis Star, EDGE magazine, NPR and! Plus, I'll be on the Michelangelo Signorile Sirius radio show next Tuesday to talk about Rockstar Energy Drink's threatened lawsuit against Bilerico Project. But why do all those media outlets want to chat? Because I get to edit, read and wrangle great posts like these:


Chaz Bono Transitions: A Few Memories of His Work at GLAAD Filed by: Cathy Renna
Louisiana court deprives child of her second mom Filed by: Nancy Polikoff


Was Jesus Gay? Filed by: Father Tony
Let's Homosexualize! Humor as a Tool for Change Filed by: Waymon Hudson
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love a Pride Parade Filed by: Sean Bugg (B-DC)
BREAKING NEWS: City of Miami Approves Domestic Partnership Ordinance Filed by: Nadine Smith (B-FL)


Man arrested for wearing women's swimsuit Filed by: Alex Blaze
Watch one progressive bus run over Rachel Maddow and the LGBT community Filed by: Pam Spaulding


Join Our Inclusive ENDA Campaign on Facebook Filed by: Dr. Jillian T. Weiss
Money Matters Filed by: Michele O'Mara
Responding to a Facebook homophobe Filed by: Annette Gross (B-IN)


Affirming Our Books Too Filed by: Patricia Nell Warren
How Many Letters Does It Take to Kill A Movement? Filed by: Guest Blogger Stampp Corbin

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Hi Bil, I thought I might send you a few rules to Blog safely by:

Vivid and unusual dreams can occur while blogging for social justice.

It's especially important to know about Blog interactions if you're taking Rx and OTC drugs at the same time.

Interactions involving Blogging and OTC drugs can produce unwanted results and make blogging less effective.

Some Blogs can also interact with social injustice.

Avoid Blogging if you are taking antihistamines, cough-cold products with the ingredient dextromethorphan or drugs that treat sleeplessness as this can lead to endless Blogging.

Do not Blog if you are taking prescription sedatives or tranquilizers because unfinished sentences d.....

Do not use laxatives when you Blog.

Long term Blogging can lead to impotency, blindness and hairy palms.

Bloggers may experience impairment for driving or operating heavy machinery while blogging after having had a few.

Health care professionals, family and friends should monitor the Blogger very carefully as mood and behavioral change can bring out social thinking and action!

Bloggers need to immediately report any changes in mood or behavior to their doctor and get the appropriate meds..

Acupuncture is one of the most common natural therapies and perhaps the most successful in helping Bloggers to post successfully.

WARNING: Never let minors, inebriated/stoned friends or family members do your Blogging for you!

CAUSE ALERT: Legislation is needed immediately to stop the socially adverse use of Blogging by far-right nut-job evangelical groups, anti-social political groups, anti-LGBT groups and all the other haters out there! Call your Congress person now and tell them to stop the hate......

WARNING: Never let minors, inebriated/stoned friends or family members do your Blogging for you!

I do all of my own inebriated/stoned blogging. Bilerico Project doesn't pay enough for any stunt doubles. *grins*