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URGENT!! Save Hate Crimes bill NOW!

Filed By Bil Browning | June 25, 2009 2:45 PM | comments

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I just got a phone call from a well placed source on Capital Hill that confirmed that the hate crimes bill currently before the Senate will be added to the Defense Authorization Bill. Remember how well that worked out for us last time?

Congressmembers can use our lives to bargain for bombs and defense spending instead of simply affirming our dignity as human beings worthy of safety from persecution and violence if hate crimes are added to the defense authorization.

You need to call your Senator NOW and ask them to save the hate crimes bill from certain death! If it's added to the defense authorization bill it will be the death of hate crimes this year.

You can look up your Senator's direct phone number here or call (202) 224-3121 and tell them to SAVE THE HATE CRIMES BILL.

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Rick Sours | June 25, 2009 2:52 PM

To quote what I have previously written: "Sometimes in the case of discrimination against LGBT individuals it is very hard to prove. My Partner and I were the victims of hate and Gay harassment. We tried all the legal means for our protection. When it got to court the Judge would not allow our police reports against the other parties doing the harassment. The other side lied in court under oath and the Judge sided with them. We sold our home and moved to another state."

Remember how well that worked out for us last time?

Well, wait. The only reason it didn't work out for us last time was because the President-at-the-time weighed in with a veto threat and the Democrats backed off. It wouldn't go the same way this time. I think trying to mix progressive-friendly legislation like the hate crimes bill with conservative-friendly legislation like a defense authorization is a highly questionable tactic, but I suspect the Congressional leaders know what can pass Congress better than I can. The last war supplemental passed basically on Democratic support only (because it included IMF funding) and I don't see any automatic reason why the defense authorization couldn't pass this way as well if there were a progressive item like the hate crimes bill attached to it.

Anyway, if they add the hate crimes bill as an amendment but then have to retract that amendment because the whip numbers don't add up, S.909 still remains on the books and the House version is still passed-- why is stopping this gambit "saving" the hate crimes bill? If the hate crimes bill is attached as an amendment and the gambit fails, the democrats can just try again on the next bill, it's not like failure of the gambit would kill or even appreciably hurt the hate crimes bill. Overall it seems like the Democrats trying this would offer a chance of real, concrete gain and very little downside.

Clever move by the President;
send the bills to the floor but lend them no support.
After the series of defeats, he can blame congress and cajole us for more money to elect a lager dem majority

Angela Brightfather | June 25, 2009 4:30 PM

OK, so where is Senator Kennedy on this and what is the wrod from his office?