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Happy Birthday America~!

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It's July 4th, 2009 - more than two centuries since these United States of America were founded and we, the people, formed a more perfect Union. Or did we?

Today the Bilerico team gives our airwaves to you. It's an open microphone, so grab it in your own way and run with it. Please feel free to speak your mind and write anything that you feel. The only rules are hateful speech and personal attacks are not authorized, so if you have a point to make, then make your point.

Other than that, our hats are off to all of you - every single person in this land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Hubble Image.jpg

The above image is courtesy of the Hubble Telescope, and hopefully represents what we all strive for: clarity of vision and purpose.

Have a safe and wonderful July 4th. And since you have the microphone, run with it. It's cordless.... ;=}

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Venus Transit | July 4, 2009 3:31 AM

Cool image.

And to think when we were "founding" the "United States of America", we had no clue there were going to be more than a couple dozen states!

And what's with all this electricity, internet and same-sex marriage I hear about? We didn't have them back then, in "days of yore."

Looks like you've come a long way - but you still have some room to grow, learn and expand your horizons.

Happy Travels, and don't forget to do good, be nice and treat everyone equally. We kinda wanted to make sure you did that ~ it's just one of the reasons we wrote the Declaration of Independence.

bigolpoofter | July 4, 2009 9:50 AM

Actually, more like an elect band of wealthy biological males steeped in their individual brands of gnosticism and oppression formed the "more perfect union." The progenitor of my Y chromosome 9 generations ago was born in western North Carolina to young Welsh parents brought to the New World as indentured servants. He remained a servant to the trafficker of his parents, and today many of his Appalachian descendants persist in the bondage of illiteracy and poverty. Yet, as a prized possession of a land owner, the story of his birth with the aid of a Cherokee midwife [whose knowledge of nature-based medicine eclipsed that of Celtic practitioners faced with new plants and animals] was preserved.

Independence Day is a great opportunity for us to look back as well as forward. As a nation and as a community we have grown so much - yet every step forward we take reminds us how many more we have left.

I hope this summer season does not lure us into apathy. It's time for us to regroup, acknowledge our successes and failures, and (re)organize our thoughts and our selves to ensure we reach our goals.

The year is half over. Are we half-way there?

even though we still have a long way to go in becoming a peaceful leader internationally as well as doing our part for a cleaner world environment...and domestically providing access to affordable health care and education...

I am still proud of the fact that we have the RIGHT to speak our own truth about what is most important to each of us individually...